Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Conjuring 2 Review

The Conjuring 2 surprised me.  I wasn't as spooked by the Conjuring as it's second installment. Though living on a haunted farm and being a family with a stay-at-home mom, five little girls, and a Dad who spends much of his time at work was spooky with all of its jump scares and its eerie atmosphere, the Conjuring 2 in my opinion, was a hybrid of Poltergeist and The Exorcist.

This time, a financially struggling single mom in London lives in terror with her two little boys and two girls.  The family is defending themselves against what appears to be an entity that chiefly focuses its terrifying harassment on the family's youngest daughter, Janet, 11.  The entity seems to be using Janet's body on several disturbing occasions.  Is Janet using these devices as a ploy to get some extra attention after her parent's divorce?  After all, she is one of the middle children in the family.  Is an old man's spirit trying to get rid of the family?  Is Janet exhibiting poltergeist activity?  Or, is a combination of factors causing havoc in this once secure family household?

Janet speaking in the voice of an old man is terrifying.  She speaks in a scratchy, demonic-like voice that should certainly not be coming from a little girl.  Ed and Lorraine can't turn this family away even though both Lorraine and Ed have been plagued by nightmares of a nasty supernatural force, which is thought to be demonic by the couple.  Ed and Lorraine, however, have differing interpretations of the dreams experienced by Ed and Lorraine's horrific visions.  Though the experiences were horrifying to both, Ed is not one to be intimidated by forces, which some may interpret as beyond their control.

With the same dark atmosphere as in the Conjuring 2, chaos ensues in a home with a broke and stressed single mom trying to raise four kids with their own set of differing issues, including a pre-teen girl, which is self-explanatory, and her youngest son, who is mercilessly bullied for his stuttering speech.  Also, again, a carousel-like toy is used as a device to rain fear and terror on an unsuspecting family.  I'll give you a small spoiler.  It involves a nursery rhyme.  This part of the film reminds me of the Babadook.  I loved that film and don't care if you did!!!!

Anyway, initially I was going to nope out of viewing this film but don't, because you may be surprised.  Try it, you might like it.


Your Scary Godmother, Amy

P.S.  Vera Farmiga is quickly becoming one of my favorite scream queens, or should I say panic attack, breathless queens, because she does the sobbing mess panic attack like no one else!