Monday, August 29, 2016

Free & Inexpensive New England Fall Sites & Events!


Spirits Alive Cemetery Lantern Tours

Hillside Cemetery
44 Wallingford Road 
Cheshire, CT

Friday, Saturday & Sunday - October 14, 15 & 16, 2016 - 5 - 8:30 pm

Travel along a guided path illuminated by 600 tea lights as you listen to spooky tales.  Snake along the cemetery's tombstones as true tales of the deceased throughout Cheshire's history are recounted by actors.  These stories include a mysterious ship, a murder, a mine disaster, and a riot among other delightfully creepy stories.

This tour is sponsored by the Cheshire Historical Society and is a titillating way to learn about Cheshire's history.

Tickets for this guided lantern tour are just $12.  
More details are available by calling (203) 272-2574 or by visiting the event's Facebook page by clicking here!

The Cushing Brain Collection

Yale University
Whitney Medical Library
  333 Cedar St.
New Haven, CT


Sunday: 9:30 am – 8 pm 
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 7 pm

This fantastic collection for public exhibition is located in the Yale University's Whitney Medical Library. This collection was compiled by Dr. Harvey Cushing during 1902-1932.

Visitors without an active Yale Proximity ID Card, may register as visitors at the Medical Library’s Circulation Desk. Library staff will provide a Cushing Center Proxy Card to allow guests to check out the collection.

The Cushing Center is situated in the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. From the library entrance,
continue down the hallway to the Information Room.  Use the stairway to your right and continue down two flights. The entrance will be to your right.


Each week, Yale provides three guided tours at the facility.


Thursday: 2 pm
Friday: 11 am & 2 pm

If you prefer to schedule a tour at an alternative time, e-mail Yale

Be sure to put Cushing Center Tour in the subject line to get a faster answer.


The Strand Cinema
19 Court Street 
Skowhegan, ME
(207) 474-3451


Monday -Sunday: 12:15 pm - 7:30 pm


Adults (13-59): $6
Kids  (4-12): $4
Seniors (60+): $4
Kids Under 3: FREE
Mondays & Matinees: $4

The Strand Theater initially opened on November 18, 1929.  The Strand Theater, which is now known as The Strand Cinema was restored in 2005 and expanded.  The venue currently holds 3 theaters that feature new movies in addition to a lobby, vintage ticket booth, and a concession stand.  

The Strand Cinema is listed among the top 50 most haunted American sites.  Apparently, a female tenant, who resided in an apartment over the theater died, while at home, and she now occupies and haunts the historic theater.  

She is rumored to appear as an apparition that shows itself and quickly dissipates.  Unexplained sounds are also purported to emanate throughout the theater.  Reports also include unexplained moving objects and even unpleasant spirit possession by a very unhappy entity.  


Witch Stories by Candlelight at the John Cabot House

John Cabot House
117 Cabot St. 
Beverly, MA

September 16, 2016 - 6-8 pm

Listen to the odd tales regarding strange historical characters while exploring a candlelight guided tour one of the oldest houses in Beverly. The Hale House, which was erected in 1694 has sinister connections to the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria.

This event is FREE and people of all ages are welcome. However, registration is required and limited to 12 people per tour. To make reservations, simply call (978) 922-1186, ext. 0. Further details can be obtained by clicking here!

New Hampshire

Monson Ghost Town

Federal Hill Road
Hollis/Mildford Town Line, NH

Settled in 1730, Monson was quickly abandoned by 1770. The colonial settlement extended for 17,000 acres. This ghost town is protected by NH Forests, as it was the first European settlement in New Hampshire and among a few in New England to hold any true archaeological value. It's now a large state park, where one can currently see the foundations of long-abandoned homes. The town's ruins have been virtually undisturbed for more than two centuries. Apparently, this is a good spot to see animals in nature, too!

The entrance to the "Hollis Parcel-age" is located on Adams Road in Milford. There isn't a sign to get to the Monson Ghost Town, but it's on the Hollis-Milford line. The closest GPS coordinate is the latter 400's of Federal Hill Road.

Dover Asylum Fire Monument (Dover, NH)

Behind Riverside Retirement Home
Strafford County Complex
County Farm Road
Dover, NH

Behind the Riverside Retirement Home in the Strafford County Complex, where the prison and animals shelter are located, there is a pillar monument that can be easily missed that recounts the tale of a fire that burned the Dover Asylum to ashes in 1893. The first killed 41 of the 44 patients that were being treated there at the time of the fire. Word is 'round the campfire that this site is haunted.

Rhode Island

Books Bound in Human Skin

John Hay Library 
Brown University 
20 Prospect Street 
Providence, RI

The John Hay Library at Brown University has three anthropodermic (binding books in human skin) examples. Two of the three books are 19th-century stories, entitled, "The Dance of Death". The other book is a 16th-century book of anatomy book. How appropriate!

Special Collection Hours

Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 6 pm
Friday: 10 am – 5 pm


Ax Wound Film Festival (AWFF)
139 Main Street 
Brattleboro, VT

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Women in Horror Month will be hosting their second annual Ax Wound Film Festival on November 5, 2016.  This is a day long event! For more details, click here!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Free Museum Ticket - Salem Witch Museum Included!

Smithsonian is giving away free museum tickets for National Museum Day, which is Saturday, September 24, 2016.  The Salem Witch Museum is included if you select Massachusetts as a state, so if you live around the area or if you will be visiting the area, there you go!

You're welcome!

Here are some states' weird museums you can visit for free on National Museum Day with  your free ticket!

Arizona - Superstition Mountain Lost Dutchman Museum 
Louisiana - New Orleans Historic VooDoo Museum
Massachusetts - The Salem Witch Museum 
Missouri - The Glore Psychiatric Museum 
South Dakota - 1881 Courthouse Musuem
Texas - Texas Prison Museum 
Virginia - The Edgar Allan Poe Museum & The Old City Cemetery Museums/Arboretum
West Virginia - Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex

Sunday, August 21, 2016

AHS - Season 6 - September 14, 2016!!!

Season 6 - Mystery?  Oooooh, that's evil, the most evil of all!

However, this trailer hints at all seasons being connected in some way, which has happened in smaller installments in recent seasons.  I guess we'll see!

OMG!  Wicker Man!!!!  I hope so!!!  How cool would that be?  I hadn't thought of that!!!  There are more teasers!  Click here to get access to all of them!

This will get you thinking.  All seasons are connected?  How?  

Now, Why Don't Ya Peel Off Ya Face - Face Peeling Videos!

TCA chemical peels are quite effective with reversing wrinkles, UVA/B damage, lightening the skin, and evening out skin tone.  Peels come in a variety of strengthens, but the TCA peel freaked me out when I saw what I looked like after.  Doing this type of peel requires about a week of downtime unless you are super self-conscious, because your skin, depending on the person will peel for up to 10 days and even possibly beyond depending on the strength of the peel and how deep it peeled on you as an individual.

Peels also help penetrate the skin so that other products work better, such as Retin-A and moisturizers.  If you've got a bunch of dead skin on top of your healthy skin, a hyper-exfoliation is a great option to kick-start your skin back into optimal health.  

I'm a peel enthusiast.  This woman recently had a TCA peel, which is a chemical acid peel that literally burns of layers of your skin.  Sexy, now peel off your face!!!

I've done one of these things a few times and you literally look like the living dead a couple of days later and your skin is dry, SOOOOO DRY!

Who needs skin?  Now peel off your face without further adieu!

Seriously, like the doctor says, don't peel it off yourself! I did and I have a nice pink scar on my left cheek. It was driving me nuts. It was itchy and a huge scab. If you're a picker, peels are tough and a TCA peel is a VERY VERY BAD IDEA!

I still do lactic acid peels from time to time to clear out my pores and slough off dead skin. It helps to purchase an after peel PH balance solution to calm down the peel so you don't overdo it if you start to feel a super burn and to purchase a moisturizer that will help with discomfort while you heal from your peel.

I'm not gonna lie, it does help you keep your resting bitch face fresh and young. It's akin to bathing in blood like Countess Bathory or Delphine LaLaurie. It's like the modern masochistic version. Now peel off ya face!

The things we ladies will do to be beautiful, sigh.  Men, you should definitely appreciate our efforts more!  However, there are men who do these peels, too, and now you will appreciate their strife for beauty!  There are a few guys out there who want to be pretty just as much as we do!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Watch Free Fraternity & Sorority Horror Films!

It's time to go back to school very shortly, so in honor of school and institutionalized higher learning, check out these free online fraternity and sorority-themed horror films.

Left in Darkness (2006) - Celia (Monica Keena) is roofied and sexually assaulted on her 21st birthday at a college frat party, which results in her death by accidental overdose.  She awakes for all intents and purposes, dead.  Trapped between life and death and unable to find her way to her final destination, forces both light and dark try to lead Celia to either damnation or salvation.

Besides, I have a bit of a girlcrush on Monica Keena since I saw my favorite rendition of Snow White in her role as Lilyanna (Snow White) in Snow White: A Tale of Terror circa 1997.  She may even be my favorite 90's and early 00's scream queen!

It's free.  Hulu has made it a little annoying to sign in, but you just have to go to the main screen to watch stuff for free!  

You can watch it for free on Hulu without subscribing.

Night of the Creeps (1986) - Two fraternity pledges are charged with the initiation task of stealing a frozen body from their campus when they unwittingly set forth an epidemic of students becoming infected with slug-like alien creatures that begin to inhabit their bodies and cause them to infect others.

Reanimator Academy (1992) - This campy b-horror comedy features Edgar Allan Lovecraft (how clever), an outcast in the Delta Epsilon Delta Fraternity, because he is a mega-nerd. Edgar creates a reanimating serum to return a severed head from the dead back to life, which is fine until it attracted the unwelcome attention of a local gangster, who threatens to kill the brilliant Edgar if he doesn't bring the gangster's dead gal back to life.  Either way you slice it, it doesn't turn out well for Edgar or for anyone else.  

Sisters of Death (1976) -  Starring Claudia Jennings, the 1970 Play Playmate of the Year, Sisters of Death is the story of a pledge to a college sorority, who dies during her initiation in a deadly game of Russian Roulette.  The initiates who survived the ritual are invited to a house in the desert seven years after the pledge's death and begin to meet their demise one by one.

Above is a fantastic, appropriately censored pic of Claudia.  Remember when you could have a normal looking body and not look like you hadn't eaten in months to be sexy and be considered Playboy material?  Also, they are real and not over-sized silicone bags.  I have no problem with big boobs.  I own a pair, but if you're hot, why is it necessary to overdo it and cut up your beautiful body so men will take more pleasure at looking at your bags of fun?  I never understood that.

Sorority House Massacre (1986) - An orphan, who is rushing a sorority discovers that the sorority's house is the site of where her birth family was killed.

Sorority House Massacre 2: Nighty Nightmare (1990) -  Five sorority sisters purchase a new sorority house at a bargain price due to the grisly murders that took place within the house five years prior to the purchase. The ladies spend the night in the house prior to having the electricity or phones turned on.

 One sorority sister tells the sisters all about the murders that took place five years prior in their new sorority house. Of course a storm rolls in and a creepy neighbor shows up, Orville Ketchum, and knows the story of the murders well. He provides the girls with keys to the house's creepy cellar and the girls decide to explore. They find the murderer's tools in addition to a conveniently placed Ouija board.  The plot thickens.

The House on Sorority Row (1983)The House on Sorority Row is a horror film that follows the adventures of a group of college girls that attempt to play a brutal prank on their house mother. When the situation goes awry, the girls decide to act normally until after a big party. Unfortunately, the party guests begin to suffer tragic fates, and the girls begin to look for an explanation. Can the source of the murderous tension be located before the entire group is dispatched? The race is one to find the killer.

Watch it free via Yidio here!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Wicked Good & Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas

1.  Potion Bottles - Cork bottles and other various types of glass flasks and jars are a wicked cheap and wicked fun prop that you can easily create for Halloween in just minutes.  Simply take your jar, print out a spooky label, and add some food coloring and water to create a potion within your glass container.  You can even use glass containers you'd normally discard from pickles, sauce, and other types of food products.

Consider adding body parts to your containers to create your very own mad science lab.  You can often find beakers and all types of interesting retro glass jars at Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers, and other popular thrift stores in your area for a buck or two.

You can print out free labels by clicking here or you can snag the labels I've provided below.  If you don't like the ones I've chosen, a simple Google image search will suffice unless you are a good graphic artist and want to design them on your own.

You can also purchase them at craft stores, such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnn Fabric.  It's also a good idea to grab them up if you see any of these labels at Goodwill or Salvation Army or other local thrift stores.  The ones shown below can be acquired at JoAnn Fabric for $3.99.  Click here to check them out on

2.  Witchy Cauldron - If you want to enjoy a creepy cauldron, which can be filled with dry ice or can conceal a Halloween fogger's vapor to enhance the Halloween atmosphere while partying or passing out candy, it's a cool idea to skip the campy plastic cauldron most of us have all owned and purchase one you can enjoy year after year.

They can be acquired at Wicca supply stores, Amazon, Ebay, and of course, keep checking the thrift stores!  Check out 13 Moons and to score an authentic witch's cauldron.

Hanging Man Scarecrow - Easily crafted from old clothes and stuffed for free with leaves, old newspaper or other materials you've been planning to discard, you've got all the pieces you need to create a hanging man scarecrow.  All you need is a belt or some rope, and you can hang him outside your door.  This is an easy and fun prop to create and will typically cost you nothing!

Using a mannequin head which can be acquired at thrift stores, is also a sweet idea to add to the authenticity of your hanging scarecrow.  If you have a friend who went to beauty school, I bet they have one!  Yard sales might also yield results!  Foam ones are available on Ebay right now for a buck!  Sally Beauty sells more details ones.

Creepy Candelabras -  It's so easy to score authentically scary vintage candelabras at thrift stores.  The best part about these candelabras is that they may be weathered if you so desire that look.  Candles, of course, are super cheap.  Dollar store city!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

10 Things to Tide You Over Until Halloween

1.  Follow Halloween Count on Twitter! -   Click here!

Host a Halloween costume swap.  Bring your former Halloween costumes to a meetup with friends, neighbors, and family and switch costumes, parts of costumes, and creepy Halloween stuff.  You never know what a friend has or that you have that someone else may need to make their Samhain complete!

2.  Host a Halloween Costume Swap - On National Costume Swap day, your friends, neighbors, and family may be interested in gathering to save money and resources, as well as to begin kicking off the season by swapping costume ideas.

3.  Start looking at Goodwill and the Salvation Army! - Not only are you buying products that give back to the community, but you can find spooky material, crafts, decorations, and all kinds of Halloween goods you probably can't find anywhere else to get a jump on the season.  You'll save money and have wicked unique stuff to help celebrate the season.  It gets us celebrating way early.

There are cool candles, candelabras...even magic equipment for those of you celebrating Samhain out there.  You can get a heck of an altar going on with stuff you can buy from the store on a budget.  I've even seen new decks of Tarot cards there!  Let's not forget costumes!  You get best dibs on wedding dresses and formal gowns early on in the season before it's all picked over.

Be sure to follow your local Goodwill on Facebook for sale updates.  Some locations offer exclusive sales, such as $1 days, half off sales, and more.  You can really clean up well on these days, especially when you're looking for inspirational costume ideas.  It's also a good idea to score a discount card at Goodwill to make the most out of your Halloween season!

4.  Get ready to sponsor Operation Gratitude. - Start collecting fresh, extra candy to send to our troops who are far from home!  Operation Gratuitude is a non-profit organization that sends care packages to United States troops overseas. Switch Witch and Operation Gratitude will be partnering with Halloween Buy Back to gather extra Halloween candy to send to American troops stationed overseas.

For more details click here.

5.  Listen to your favorite genre of Halloween music all year long! - hosts Halloween-themed music all year long, so if the mood strikes click here!

Also, prepare to scare if and when you pass out candy or if you're hosting a holiday bash with free Halloween spooky sound effects.   Click here to check them out.  They're free!

6.  Plan on celebrating Free Halloween Comic Book Day!  - You can check out details for this killer way to celebrate autumn's favorite holiday by clicking here!  It's got locations listed and all that jazz!

7. Plan on where you can get free Halloween goodies on October 31.  - You can usually hit KrispyKreme On October 31st, wearing a costume to get a free doughnut, which is likely Halloween-themed, such as their Ghostbusters doughnuts.  In addition, IHOP usually has something going on for Halloween for kids 12 and under.  Check for times and locations to see if they've got anything going on this year.  Bookmark a  list or write it down, Horror and Halloween fans!  You can download the KrispyKreme app here to stay up-to-date.

8.  Do some coloring with the kids or for the young at heart.  - NickJr. has Paw Patrol Halloween printables for members of the Halloween Fan club.  It's free!  Click here to print them!

9.  Check out some Halloween and horror-themed recorded theater and stories! - Creepypasta, Spooky stories, audio-books, and other free recorded entertainment available online is a cool past-time to get you into the Halloween spirit!  Some are linked below.

10.  Create Harry Potter Floating Candles! - Check out this YouTube tutorial.  All you need to make these are essentially clear wire, fishing line, or clear thread, battery operated candles, and possible clear hooks.  Check out the tutorial.  It's super inexpensive, easy, and most importantly wicked fun!