Thursday, February 9, 2017

Free Horror Movies Online 2017

Apparently, Hulu and many other popular movie websites have removed the ability to watch select free movies online, but fear not, dear readers...there are still places at which one can view free horror movies and shows free of charge.  And yes....they're legit, legal websites, m'kay?  I'll highlight them below for your viewing horror!  Enjoy, you little masochists!

Atom Age Vampire (1960) 
Driller Killer (1979) 
Dead People (Messiah of Evil) (1973)
The Sadist (1963) 

Other Free Horror Movie Resources!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Saturday, December 10, 2016

10 Wicked Killer Holiday Gifts for Horror Fans!

1.  The Edgar Alan Poe doll complete with a raven pearched on his shoulder is an excellent gift for any fan of horror, horror stories, or even literature.  Edgar Alan is both cute and decorative, and I love him!  Hint, hint....Have you been shopping yet?  I'll see you near Christmas.  Let's get together!

2.  The Pinhead voodoo doll is both cute and functional.  He's soft and filled with pins.  You can sleep with him on your pillow provided you mind the nails in his tiny, knitted little head.  I also love him!

 3.  For the ultimate H.P. Lovecraft fan, who also adores family game night, Cthulu Yahtzee is the ideal choice.  Yahtzee!  I miss playing Yahtzee with my mom as a girl.  Of course, I'd have enjoyed playing much more if Cthulu was included.  I've been a fan since fifth grade!

 4.  The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Box Set will titillate the child in any modern horror fan.  It also provides a cool looking copy of their very own Alvin Schwartz classic they once enjoyed as a child.  I still enjoy it as an adult.  Hey, here's another idea.  Buy me this!  It would look nice on my bookshelf alongside Edgar and Pinhead.

 5.  This sexy, cute, and terrifying Christmas/Chanukah, Yule, Kwanzaa zombie sweatshirt satisfies the cravings for style and creepiness in your #1 horror fan gal.  Am I your #1?

 6.  For those who deserve an expensive antique and has serious problems, the antique Victorian apothecary is a sound choice.  I bet this will help your loved one maintain their extensive taxidermy collection alongside spell casting!  It's beautiful, old, and practical.

 7.  How sweet is it to provide your gal with a Sally-inspired scent, Rag Doll.  It's got cute packaging to match her dark decor, too!  Let me tell get some when you buy her this fantasitically spooky holiday gift.  It's black, too!

8.  Do you have a friend or loved one, who is unhealthily obsessed with ancient medicine?  I know someone like that.  She's the prettiest and smartest girl in the world!  You may know her, too.  Tell her so!  Anyway, this leach pot urn thingee would make a fantastic tea or cookie jar in my kitchen, I mean in her kitchen.

 9.  For the big spender, who is really into weird sex furniture....this is the ultimate sexy toy.  You can sleep on it and entertain guests on it, too!  Fancy!

10.   Hypodermic Sally is something we all should own.  If you're a fan of AHS: Hotel...this is an essential.  Who doesn't want to own a big-headed former vampire punk chick of the 90's, who then died and became a ghost?  I do.  I do!!!

Really Bad & Totally Free Christmas Horror Films - Watch Online!

Bikini Blood Bath Christmas (2009) - Nope, I  haven't seen this one, but it's about a holiday party and a massacre.  The old girly slumber party trope is revisited with a Christmas spin in this indy flick.

Infinite Santa 8,000 (2013) - Um, this is a little cartoonish sci-fi/horror.  Santa's one of the last human survivors, who must kill or be killed in the future.

Jack Frost II - Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000) - Jack Frost is a murderous snowman, of course!

Santa Claus vs. the Zombies (2010) - Merry Christmas!  Meanwhile, in the suburbs, hungry zombies are busy hunting a family in their very own home.

Silent Night, Bloody Night (1973) - A man discovers that he's inherited a family estate.  Quickly subsequent to his arrival at his newly acquired property, murders begin to ensue, beginning on Christmas Eve.  The murderer contacts the police to provide a name. The inherited mansion is then converted an asylum.  Meanwhile, the murders continue near the Christmas season.

Snow Shark (1999) - I'm rolling my eyes as I post this, but I bet this is so good it's bad!  I'm gonna give it a view!  It's free to watch anyhow!  Yup, it is literally about a shark that terrorizes people in the snow.

Wind Chill (2000) - Two college students are terrorized after they become stranded in their car on Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

10 Horiffic Holiday Gifts for 2016

Among this horrible holiday list this winter are, of course, ugly Christmas sweaters, but a few other gems are also being put forth on display on this grotesque blog among grizzly disease, pus-filled buboes, and other horrors.  I hope Elf on the Shelf, Krampus, and the other horrors of the winter season don't descend upon your homes, dear readers.

1.  Resusable Feminine Napkins (Pads) - Disposable maxi pads and diapers made it possible for women to bleed all over clean "rags" instead of menstruating on actual rags and for babies, the elderly, and the infirm to pee and poop in diapers to be disposed.  Let's bring back this retro trend this holiday and give that special lady some fashionable items on which to bleed during their monthly flow!

2.  D*ck in a Box - Everyone remembers the episode of SNL where Justin Timberlake seeks to give his special lady a part of himself for the holiday season (his d*ck in a box)...just what ever lady wants for this holiday season!

3.  Men's Special Fabric Panties - Men need pretty panties, too.  For your favorite Cat Dad, the supremely "comfortable" Kitty Panties are super appropriate.  For those who are deserving of a gift that's a little more saucy, the sexy Zebra tail cawk cover is the fancier choice!  I prefer the uncomfortably knit Kitty Christmas Panties for men!

4.  Cat Suit for Furries - For your favorite fur-fetish geared feline friend, a white, fluffy cat suit is appropriate this holiday season as the purrrrrfect gift.  Cat Dads everywhere can become a true surrogate for their feline fur child if they truly wish to do so.  Long live those furries!

5.  Anitomically Correct Drinking Vessels - Long live ovaries and diverse sexual organs.  It's unfortunate that the intersexed may have difficulty finding their representation in a mug, but you can always find your local potter, who is interested in creating new and unique treasures.  These are the perfect gift for all your single friends!

6.  Knit Ladies' Granny Panties - And you guys thought I was gonna leave the ladies out of uncomfortable undergarments'!  These knit panties will ensure that your vajayjay is as itchy as it was for those of our foremothers.  Be lucky the whalebone corset isn't a staple of modern day fashion.

7.  Personal Trepanning Kit - This isn't a lobotomy, it's a trepanation kit!  If you ever feel like increasing blood-flow to your third eye for a more youthful exuberance towards life, why not perform your own brain surgery?  This is the perfect holiday gift for your favorite mad scientist, who wishes to increase his or her knowledge through their third eye!

8.  Poop Mugs - For your constipated friends who enjoy coffee, why not indulge them in a constant reminder of the explosive bout of diarrhea they will be experiencing after drinking thir morning cup-a-joe!

9.  The Ugly Christmas Sweater - Cats are a year-round staple lately, but this Angry Kitty Christmas Sweater speaks volumes.  Express yourself in the form of a fancy gift to your favorite cat owner this holiday season.  For those who believe both Biggy and Tupac are still alive, the more appropriate gift is the "Snowtorious" sweatshirt that alludes to the fact that Biggy has indeed arisen as the new Frosty for a modern day.  For a more classic approach, the fancy holiday scene is a fabulous choice!

10.  Taxidermied "Mouse" Cover - For the most active on the interwebs on your list, this fabulous pun in the form of a "mouse" cover is the clear choice for holiday giving!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Best Creepypasta & Creepy Radio Theater

If I left anybody out, I apologize!  Everyone who knows me is aware that I pretty much game and listen to horror radio theater along with a few Creepypastas and weird stories thrown in for good measure most days to unwind and chillax.  Those activities are in addition to sleeping, my favorite pasttime and watching pimple popping videos.  Oh and work, work's my favorite.

Here is a rundown of some of the networks, shows, and channels I enjoy most.

If you have similar taste, you may also enjoy some of these featured creepy delights!

Be. Busta - This Aussie spooky story narrator uses YouTube to convey stories from his own personal experience, experiences of listeners and fans, and sometimes reads Creepypastas.

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights - Radio Horror Theater via YouTube and via their website  They have a members' section that can be accessed for a small membership fee.  They also have a story submission area.  They just completed the "Evil Idol" Competition by which they recruited new readers and storytellers along with writers to contribute to the site.

Creeparoni - Lady Creepypasta Youtuber.

Creeps McPasta
- Why, Youtuber of Creepypastas, of course!

Real Ghost Stories Online - Paranormal radio show that features stories assumed to be true submitted by callers and writers to the show's hosts.  This show also offers membership to their website, which permits earlier access to new stories submitted by real members, listeners, and supporters of the show.  

Lazy Masquerade - He was my first...introduction to Creepypasta and spooky story channels on YouTube, that is.  He mostly recounts spooky stories submitted by fans and listeners.  How I love the voice of an Englishman telling me scary stories!

Mr. Creepypasta - He's an American Creepypasta YouTuber.  Most of my favorites are English, because for some reason English accents lull me into a comfy sense of coziness.  His channel has a very radio theater feel, though.

That Creepy Reading - This channel features spooky stories and true tales submitted by fans of the channel for the most part with a few scary story readings thrown in for good measure.

Welcome to Nightvale - Exetential science fiction peppered with a little horror and mystery.  I love this show!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

21 Free Online Horror Radio Stations

Horror Theater

Campfire Radio - Scary campfire stories steam 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on this podcast channel!

CBS Radio Mystery Theater - You can enjoy 1,399 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater, a genuine old fashioned radio station featuring mystery, ghost, and horror tales along with tales of murder and other oddities.

Dark Arts Radio - This horror station features radio theater intermingled with spooky horror tunes. - This station features horror and ghost stories for fans of live horror theater.  If you like Creepypastas and ghost stories, you'll very likely love horror theater.

I Heart Radio's Horror Stories Channel - This all horror stories channel is a wicked awesome station to play in the background while you work, game, or waste time on social media. - Oldtime Horror &  Halloween Stories

Radionomy's Horror Theater - This channel features weird stories as well as ghost stories and murderous tales, too!

Scare FM - This old-time retro horror radio station features old fashioned horror stories!

Horror Punks Radio - As the radio station name states, this channel features constant horror punk!

Music Macabre - This internet radio station features constant horror-themed tunes!

Radio Halloween - This station features Halloween music all of the time, day and night!

Tunein's Horror Radio - This station streams horror rock and punk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Horror Themed News & More

Haunted Radio - This horror station streams live news, music, and other horror and Halloween themed material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Rotting Flesh Radio -  This channel features the latest horror industry news, interviews, Halloween music, and horror film reviews.