Tuesday, June 7, 2016

15 Horror Anime Shows & Movies to Watch FREE!

1. Blue Exorcist - The realm of humans and demons typically don't intersect.  However, demons materialize in the human realm in this Anime series.

2. Kurozuka - This starts in 12th century and concerns Kuro, a character who was crafted loosely based on the notorious Japanese swordsman, Minamoto no Yoshitsune.  Kuro meets a beautiful and enigmatic woman called Kuromitsu while fleeing from Kuro's older brother who wants to kill him.  Kuro and Kuromitsu fall deeply in love.  However, he quickly realizes soon that she has a horrific secret.  She's a vampire.

3.  Tokyo Ghoul - Tokyo is terrorized by night by Ghouls.  During the day, they live like regular people, but at night, they transform into cannibal monsters.  However, one young man becomes a Ghoul-human half breed and must learn to cope with his deadly new abilities.

4.  Parasyte - the maxim - This one is sorta "sci-fi-ish".  A silent alien invasion takes place, worldwide.  Parasytes, alien beings descend to Earth and start possessing people one human at a time while nobody else even takes notice.

5.  Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - After a enigmatic virus kills 90 percent of humanity, vampires take hold and hunt and kill people like animals.  However, Yuichiro Hyakuya, a 12-year old, successfully evades them and joins forces with a hunting squad that is dedicated to riding the world of vampires.

6.  Claymore The Yoma, a murderous has but one opponent, Claymore. These female warriors, who are human-Yoma hybrids offer their slaying services by sword for a price.  This Anime feature tells the story of the Claymore, Clare, who fights her road to vengeance alone.

7.  Blood Lad - The Japanese seem to like vampires as much as the Western World, because it's a seriously popular feature of much of Anime horror series'.  In that tradition, Blood Lad is about one of the strongest vampires in the demon world.  However, this this vampire, much to the dismay of others like him would rather just watch anime and play video games.  In fact, when Fuyumi encounters him, Staz, the vampire, is stoked to finally meet a female human since his interest are quite human.  Sadly, Fuyumi ends up being eaten by a monster, her soul left behind. Staz promises Fuyumi that he will resurrect the girl by any means necessary.

8. Mononoke - Evil spirits, known as mononoke are alive and well in feudal Japan, actively plaguing the countryside, feeding on the fear of it's inhabitants.  However, a single person has the ability to kill the mononoke on contact, the "Medicine Seller".  The Medicine Seller destroys these spirits by means of his powerful Exorcism Sword.  To wield the sword he needs to comprehend the form, reason, and truth of the mononoke.  With his smarts, the Medicine Seller roams from place to place, destroying the evil spirits he encounters.

9.  Dusk Maiden of Amnesia - A young lady was abandoned 60 years ago in a desolate building behind the elite Seikyou Academy.  The girl remains trapped between the veil of life and death.  The ghostly gal, Yuko, befriends Teiichi Niiya, a freshman, who for some reason, has the ability to see her while nobody else can.  The two friends along with members of the paranormal investigation club work to uncover many hidden mysteries.

10.  Another - Mei Misaki was once a pretty, sporty, and popular gal at school.  Even though she's been dead for 23 years, she wishes to maintain her standing.  A new student at her school learns that some secrets stay at high school forever.  Students at the school begin to turn up dead and if they are improperly buried, they return to the high school to haunt it as damned souls.

11.  Vampire Holmes - Adapted from the Vampire Holmes game, the Sherlock Holmes theme goes to places unknown. An attractive young detective, Holmes, is charged with a secret mission by London's Metropolitan Police to seek and destroy for the vampires that have been causing mass hysteria in the city.  His young assistant, Hudson, and Kira, his cat, are at his side.  Holmes uses his intuition to solve crimes, as he has special vampire abilities.  

12.  Ergo Proxy - This one isn't truly horror, as it's got more of a sci-fi theme, but it made the list nonetheless, so deal with it.  It's a sci-fi, thriller, peeps.  In an idyllic, utopian city, Romdeau, people and their servants, who are android live amid a landscape littered by a series of murders.  A lady inspector, Real Mayar, from the Citizen Information Bureau, alongside her her android partner, Iggy, are charged with solving these murder mysteries.  Mayar is attacked by a creature that isn't a human or an android.  She discovers the phenomena known as, "Awakening".

13.  Witch Hunter Robin - To most of the civilized world, witches are just storybook myths and legends from the past. However, a few people are born with the "Witch Genome", a gene that is to offer those imbued with it supernatural abilities. For these people, a clandestine organization, Solomon (STN) was created to track and hunt down these witches before they become a threat to society at large. The series follows the STN-J members STN-J, the Japanese branch of Solomon. Differing from other branches of the STN, the STN-J catches living witches and subdue them by means of a substance called Orbo, which was developed by Administrator Zaizen. The witches are subsequently sent to a special facility dubbed "The Factory".

14.  Vampire Knight - Here we go with the vampires again! Yuki is a first-year student at Cross Academy.  As members of the Disciplinary Committee, Yuki and friend, Zero Kiryu, are charged with keeping the intrigued day students from pursuing the gorgeous night students, while still protecting the secret of the night class.  The night class, of course, is populated by beautiful vampires.  Creating the night class was an act to end the long past riddled with conflict between humans and vampires.  The idea was to create harmonious coexistence between human students and vampire students.  Yuki and Zero, as Guardians, are charged with the ever crucial role of safeguarding the coexistence between both the day and night class.  However, Zero sees the vampires as enemies, while Yuki is of the opinion that humans and vampires can peaceably coexist.

15.  Horror News -  Rei, a first year middle school student at Ishido Middle School is a skeptic about paranormal phenomena.  However, one midnight while he is slumbering, an enigmatic newspaper, "Horror News” is delivered to him in his bedroom.  The paper weaves a tale about one of his teachers being killed in a car accident the next day with Kigata as a witness to the event.  It really happens and every night since, the newspaper is delivered to the boy.