Saturday, June 4, 2016

10 WTF Horror/Thrillers!

1.  Black Swan (2010) - A ballerina's passion for her craft lets her dedication to dance take over her whole life.  Nina becomes the top choice of her company's artistic to head up his production of "Swan Lake,"  However, Lily, a new ballerina on the scene is competing with her.  Nina is the prime candidate for the role of the White Swan while Lily is perfect for the role of the Black Swan.  The two rivals become fast friends and during their screwed up friendship, Nina's dark side rears it's ugly head.  The twist ending pulls it all together, but you're so engrossed in the events in the film that you almost forget about it until light dawns on marble head.

2.  Dumpster Baby (2000) - A drug addict unexpectedly gives birth to a crack baby, who she subsequently dumps in the nearest alley and leaves for dead.  The baby, who lives, is rescued and passed along to a string of strange and interesting people.  WTF!  This Troma flick is definitely strange.

You can watch it for free on the YouTube official "Troma" channel by clicking here.  

3.  1408 (2007) - A world renowned author gained his notoriety by debunking the paranormal prior to checking into the Dolphin Hotel.  He is warned about the hotel by the establishment's manager that it's genuine, but he doesn't heed that warning and experiences the strangest paranormal occurrences one can imagine.  The viewer is never really sure what's going on, because reality becomes discernible at the hotel when he spends the night in a notoriously haunted room.  WTF was my reaction to this film the entire time I viewed it.

4.  Heart of Midnight (1988) - Carol, a young gal who is just emerging from a serious bout with adverse mental health comes to learn that her dead uncle has left her a shabby nightclub.  She decides to renovate the club.  However, she discovers some seriously dark secrets surrounding the club involving her uncle.  Subsequent to a series of unsettling events, Carol edges closer to mental instability.  However, she is comforted by a mysterious detective during her ordeal.  WTF! I don't know how many of you have actually seen this, but I stumbled upon it one day and was pretty confused until about halfway through the film.

You can watch Heart of Midnight on OVGuide for free by clicking here.    

5.  Gothika (2003) - A psychiatrist awakes one day as a patient in the asylum where she once worked and has no idea how she came to be committed there.  A strange conspiracy is uncovered involving those very close to the young, attractive doctor.  I was pretty confused until about three quarters into the film.  Little pieces of the puzzle are uncovered as the institutionalized psychiatrist begins to uncover them herself.

6.  In Dreams (1999) - Subsequent to a clairvoyant Claire's nightmare involving the murder of a little girl, her daughter, turns up lifeless in a lake.  Law enforcement decline when Claire offers to assist in the investigation.  She then begins therapy with Dr. Silverman, who assumes that Claire is suffering from Schizophrenia.  Claire's dreams grow in detail and become more and more vivid as she fears that she's developed a mind-link to serial killer, Vivian Thompson.  WTF!  This film is so weird and disturbing and the imagery is freaky.  Vivian is one of the scariest looking serial killers I've ever encountered in a movie.  Robert Downey Jr. is quite convincing.

You can check it out on Paramount's Vault on YouTube by clicking here.   

7.  Village of the Damned (1960) - An idyllic town, Midwich, mysteriously falls asleep for several hours without any obvious issues.  The event was strange, but appears to be harmless until all the town's females, who are of child-bearing age turn up pregnant.  The women's children are all born simultaneously, quickly growing into weird and creepy robot-like children with white, seemingly pigment-less hair and strange glowing eyes.  This is one of the weirdest concept films I've seen.  There is a 1995 remake of it, too, which is almost identical to the original horror, sci-fi, thriller.  There is definitely something wrong with those creepy kids!  WTF!

8.  The Kiss (1988) - Hilary and Felice Dunbar are two sisters, separated in childhood as Felice is sent to live with her aunt, who presents a cursed serpent talisman to Felice and subsequently attacks Felice by apparently kissing the girl, drawing blood.  The aunt's twisted corpse is found and Felice continues on her train journey with the talisman in her possession.

Fast forward 25 years to New York, where Hillary resides with her husband and teenage daughter, Amy.  Hilary is contacted by Felice, unexpectedly, who became an international model.  The sisters arrange a clandestine meeting.  However, Hilary never makes it, because she dies in a gory car accident.  Felice returns to New York on a modeling job and Jack, Hillary's husband, invites her to stay with he and Amy.  Now, this horror commences.  WTF, what is Aunt Felice?  Is she a cat?  Is she a demon?  Is she a devil worshiping weirdo cat?

9.  Winter Lily (2000) - A young man who is photographer visits a bed-and-breakfast during a New England winter.  The owner of the bed and breakfast has a daughter that never leaves her bedroom and is never seen, apparently due to some type of implied illness.  Her voice is never heard either.  However, the young man finds the daughter's diary and it becomes much more clear what the daughter's problem is.  It keeps you guessing and when you find out what's up with the daughter, light dawns on marblehead and you'll be creeped out to the core.  This movie is messed up, WTF!

It's available on Vudu if you have it.  Click here to watch!

10.  Jug Face (2013) - I thought this one was gonna be like Kate Jackson's "The Lottery" or 436, but it wasn't what I thought it was going to be.  This film is odd and messed up even though you can't see the real "monster".  The implication is enough.  Basically, a guy crafts a jug on a yearly basis and the face shown on the jug decides who will be the sacrifice to the pit monster thing.  There are some screwed up situations going on in the film that surround the characters, too, so that makes it even more, WTF!  The main character enjoys getting jiggy with her brother, for instance.

You can watch Jug Face for free on Popcornflix.  Just click here!