Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Free Online Horror Rentals - Hoopla - Got a Library Card?

This is cool!  I just learned about Hoopla, which is an online website that allows you to rent digital streaming horror and other types of genre movies to watch from home without ever even hitting the library for free as long as you have a library card for a participating library.  Now, I live in the middle of nowhere and my library grants access, so it's a great idea to try this out.

All you need to do is sign up with your e-mail, library card number, and library card pin.  You then have immediate access to rent digital streaming video from your computer or mobile device.  You get a few days to watch the title and that's it!  It's free and so easy!  Titles appear to be available for a limited time, but these are all new movies.  The site isn't spammy and loaded with pop-ups like some other free streaming sites.  There don't appear to be a whole bunch of ads, thus-far, either, but I have AdBlock Plus, so otherwise, I'm unsure.

Digital music, books, audio-books, e-books, and comic books are also available.  For instance, showing up in my available rentals are:


For instance, some of the titles available right now, depending on your library and location are:

TV Shows & Miniseries' are also available.