Wednesday, July 20, 2016

10 Killer Inanimate Object Horror Films

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Without further adieu, here are 10 killer inanimate object horror films!

1.  Event Horizon (1997) - Although Event Horizon is technically a sci-fi film, it's a sci-fi horror, so we are gonna discuss that the ship actually drives everyone crazy in space and turns them evil, so....Event Horizon itself, the ship kills, or better yet influences it's passengers to do it's bidding!

2.  In the Mouth of Madness (1994) - Do you read Sutter Cain?  I bet William Weir does!  This Lovecraftian horror thriller is based on a book that is actually evil.  Well, the author, Sutter Cain, who writes these books is pretty evil, too, but the book is pretty much what perpetuates all the madness in this film, driving book worms crazy everywhere!

3.  Trilogy of Terror (1975) - The first story in the 1975 made-for-TV classic, starring Karen Black as the lead character in all three stories, features Karen Black as a college professor that owns an artifact, known as the "Zuni Fetish" doll.  It's evil, fast, crafty, and it kills!

You can watch it for free by clicking here!

4.  Mirror of Death (Dead of Night) (1988) - Mirror of Death or otherwise known as "Dead of Night" features an abused woman, who is empowered by the spirit that resides within her sister's bedroom mirror.  Similar to Snow White's mirror in the Grim Brothers' version of the story, captured on film in 199, the mirror begins to influence the girl to kill.  However, the difference is that an evil spirit actually possesses her and commits evil acts through the girl, using her body as a vessel.  

You can watch this Troma classic on YouTube, legally, for free by clicking here!

5.  The Sentinel (1977) -  The Sentinel features an old New York Brownstone that encapsulates evil spirits forever condemned to hell, as well as the gateway to hell on it's upper floor.  This movie is creepy, has a veiled plot twist that you sorta having a feeling about anyway, and is one of the more interesting religious-themed horror films I've ever had the pleasure of fearing and viewing.

6.  The Wig (2005) - The wig weaves the tale of what happens to the terminally ill cancer patient, who procures a wig to cover her head is haunted by the curse of a woman who died in a mostly grisly manner.  Hummmm, was the wig hers?  Eh hemmmm...well, that's original.  However, I did see a story-line like this on Aqua Teen Hunger Force when Carl gets a wig to gain back some of his self-confidence, lost when he began balding.  Wait, when they feature Carl as a child on the show, he's bald.  He never had any hair, but did he ever have any self-confidence?  Now I wanna watch Aqua Teen!  Hummm, perhaps even the Titanic...

7.  The Legendary Curse of the Hope Diamond (1975) - This TV movie dramatizes the story of all who were affected by the notorious Hope Diamond that seemingly causes death and destruction in it's wake to whomsoever owns the stone until it's landing at the Smithsonian Institute for safekeeping.

The Smithsonian has a video that discusses some of the history of the Hope Diamond, which it is ironically dubbed.  Anyway, click here if you're interested!

8.  Rose Red (2002) - This book and TV mini-series movie, which was the basis for The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, a later fan fiction novel and film, features a house that continues to build itself, much like the Winchester Mystery house, albeit the house continued to be built by it's owner, Widow Winchester.  The house traps the spirits of all who die there and often kills them just to trap them there.  Oh boy!  You can actually get married at Thornwood Castle, the sprawling estate where Rose Red was filmed.

9.  The Kiss (1988) - The cursed serpentine talisman passed down from aunt to niece in the Kiss holds a terrible secret.  The creepy object passes on a parasitic entity's possession from aunt to niece via a ritual and an unfriendly kiss.

10.  The Possession (2012) - This is one of my favorite creepy haunted objects in film, the Dybbuk box.  This film features a little girl, who unwittingly purchases an antique box, sold at a local yard sale.  This box holds a nasty ancient spirit that seeks to possess the girl and carry on with it's nasty deeds on the human plane.  It's loosely based on a true story.