Tuesday, April 5, 2016

10 Nifty Apps for Horror Enthusiasts - FREE!

 1. Horror Amino - This app is pretty convenient for horror and paranormal enthusiasts, especially if you're a fan of Creepypasta and sound effects!  Horror Amino is the largest social network for horror fans.  This app allows you to chat with like-minded individuals, who enjoy what you like!  You can even publish your original horror stories and Creepypastas using this handly dandy little horror fan app!

Horror Amino can be downloaded to Apple devices through iTunes for free by clicking here.  
Horror Amino is available for those who use an iPhone, iPad, or an iPod Touch.  
Horror Amino for Android devices can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

2.  Slender Man Origins - This free intensive survival horror game is based on the creepy legend of "Slender Man", of course.  This game is easy to operate via your mobile device and has an excellently atmospheric soundtrack and pretty decent graphics.

You can download Slender Man Origins for free by clicking here.

For Android users, Slender Man Origins can be downloaded for free by clicking here.  

3.  Horror Cam - This fancy app assists you in transforming your pix into horrific art.  This app provides horrifying effects to add to your everyday pix to creepify them to the max.  From retro film effects to modern day horror flick effects, this app is sure to provide you with tools to set the scene
you're seeking.

You can download Horror Cam for free by clicking here.    
This version is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

4. Zombie Clock - This free app hooks you up with a zombie alarm clock so you can awake each morning (or evening if you're a vampire) shrieking with delight.

You can download "Zombie Clock" by clicking here!
Zombie Clock is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

5. Resident Evil 4 – Mobile LITE - CAPCOM brings the free version of Resident Evil Mobile LITE to your mobile device. This version includes only the initial levels of Resident Evil 4. However, it's free, so why not play it on your mobile device before you buy it for your game console? This LITE version of the game includes story or mercenary mode along with a freshly updated “coin shoot” function. 

You can download and play for free by clicking here.
Resident Evil 4 - Mobile LITE is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, and ipod touch.

 6.  Best Horror Movies Database -  This horror fanatic database offers information on the top rated horror films of all time, which provides excellent suggestions for what a burgeoning horror fan should check out!  In addition, the classic horror library allows free viewing of the classics for free via your phone or mobile device.  You can search for specific movies that escape you by keywords that will bring you closer to discovering the movie that's baffling you.

You can download the Best Horror Movies Database for Apple devices by clicking here.

This app is available for Android devices, but it's $1.99.  

If you would find this useful and have a couple of extra bucks, click here 
to get the Best Horror Movies Database on your Android device.

7.   Goosebumps Night of Scares - This premier Goosebumps app includes Slappy the Dummy, nasty little gnomes, werewolves, and other fancy monsters found in Goosebumps features.  In this app, you are challenged to live out the night in R.L. Stine’s house, which is a trap, chock full of notorious monsters?  Enjoy all the cute jump scares!  This app is smart phone and tablet friendly.  The object of this game it to hide while you solve mysteries by collecting pages of Goosebumps books.  You can enjoy virtual reality mode with a VR-compatible headset to play the game, too! 

8. The Walking Dead  - This five-part game series is set in the same world as the TV series of the same name.  Your character is Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been granted a second chance at freedom as he lives in the world being torn apart by the undead.  As the dead spring back to life and survivors must fight to the end to stay alive, he lives to protect an orphaned girl, Clementine, who just may offer him redemption from this hellish world.  This game is a tailored experience, which allows you to select your own actions and make unique decisions, which will affect how the way in which your story proceeds throughout the game series.

You can download The Walking Dead for Android Devices here.
For others, click here.  

 9.  The Walking Dead: Season Two - This second installment of the Walking Dead game series continues Clementine's tale.  Left alone to fend for herself, she has struggled for survival in an apocalyptic world.  Months have passed since Season One's Events, and Clementine is seeking refuge, but how can she stay alive when conditions have become so bad.  Playing as Clementine, you will be tried by situations that will test your values and your instincts as you fight for survival. Your actions will alter your personal game circumstances

You can download The Walking Dead: Season Two for Android here.
For others, click here.  

10. Call of Mini: Zombies - A small town has been infected with a condition that causes the zombified dead to roam the streets in search of human brains for a snack.  You better lock and load if you want to go out in a blaze of glory or to fight to stay alive as one of the few survivors.

You can download this free game for Android by clicking here.
For others, click here to download.