Monday, March 28, 2016

Rainy Monday Horror Movie Trilogy

Asylum (1972) - To secure the ever coveted job at an asylum, a young psychiatrist is required to interview four asylum patients, who currently abide within the asylum. This segues into three anthology stories that surrounding the very asylum where the psychiatrist is interviewing.

Body Bags (1993) - This John Carpenter anthology, which was made for TV and is hosted by the filmmaker himself as a creepy undead looking coroner, who recounts three unique scary stories, which include "The Gas Station", a story that features Robert Carradine as a serial killer, with cameos by Sam Raimi and Wes Craven. "Hair" is a story that recounts the story of a character portrayed by Stacy Keach, who receives a hair transplant that gone wrong. "Eye" is the last story, which features Mark Hamill as a baseball player who tragically lost one of his eyes in a car accident. He can't believe his luck when he acquires a matching donor eye to facilitate an eye transplant, which has harrowing results.

Don't Look in the Basement aka The Forgotten (1973) - Nurse, Charlotte Beale, is hired by Dr. Stephens to work at his small asylum. When Charlotte arrives, she learns Stephens died in the interim, and Dr. Masters is in charge and has taken over. Dr. Masters, however has an unusual approach is to treating the mentally ill.  You can watch Don't Look in the Basement on the video player below!