Friday, April 22, 2016

The VVitch (Witch) & Bad Witch Horror Flix!

I'm about to watch the Witch (VVitch).  I began watching it the last two nights in a row, but I couldn't stay awake and didn't make it past the initial 5 minutes.  This was not, however, because my interest wasn't peaked.  I liked the way it was shot and the general atmosphere even though it's way too early to tell you if I enjoyed the film or not.  I worked ALOT the last couple of days and didn't get quality sleep, so I'm gonna make an attempt to watch the VVitch tonight.

In honor of a new witch horror movie I'm actually excited about, I'm going to list below some free "bad witch" horror movies you can watch online in the meantime.  I'll report back as soon as I get through this film and stop being a narcoleptic.  Seriously, I thought I had that shyte for like a couple of years.

Some "bad witch" films are listed below to watch for free when you click their respective links, but first, check out the VVitch trailer below!