Thursday, September 24, 2015

5 Absolutely Grotesque Medical Procedures via YouTube!

I'm going to post some procedures that are near and dear to my heart, because I've had all of them performed on myself!  Share in the madness that is my unhinged mind.  Just kidding.  I'm feeling pretty hinged this week, actually.  I'm just bored and you know what floats my boat, effed up medical videos, serial killers, all things that are horror, obscure, and strange.

#1 - Ingrown Toenail Removal - Listen to that horrible scraping!!!!

Who'd have thought there was so much in your toenail bed, yuck!

#2 - Appendectomy - When a small organ literally dies, it's much worse than it looks.

Yum, look at all that yellow stuff.  That's fat.  I could see all of that in a picture they took of my very own procedure.  I wish I could scan it and maybe someday I will!   The appendix itself looks like a tiny, ugly penis.

 That thing is the size of a small thumb and it's worse than childbirth when it begins to decay.  They did such a good job with the minimal scarring that I have one tiny little pink slit in my belly button and under my belly button and to the side of it.  It's amazing how far modern medical technology has come.  I remember when I was in high school, one of my besties had this procedure done and the scar was probably three times the size of an appendix.  Oh, and engorged is a filthy word!

#3 - Colo-rectal Polypectomy - Yup, I had a quarter sized polyp between my rectum and my colon, which is highly rare for a 21-year old female, which I am no longer.  I also have nothing lingering up my butt.  Enjoy!  Oh, and if you ever get a sigmoidoscopy or a colonoscopy and they don't give you pain medication, you're medical staff are a-holes.  I didn't get any medication for my sigmoidoscopy, which was pure torture, because unlike a little bum play, the probe ascends into your actual intestines and when air gets in there, it feels, well, very bad!

I'd like to tell you the yellow stuff in this video clip is fat, but it's not, it is, in fact, poop and but juice that comes out along with your poop.

#4 - Ovarian Cysts - I've never had any of mine removed.  I've resolved them myself with the help of medication, but these are really awful when you see what they really look like!  They are uncomfortable and create lots of pressure and undesirable hormonal issues, including horrible fatigue.

#5 - Acne Papule Facial Injection - When I was a teenager, I frequented the dermatologist for regular visits.  I still see one a couple of times a year if I need some support, but my hormones are generally pretty balanced at present, so I use antibiotics sometimes and always follow a skincare regimen to keep my weird combination skin soft, smooth, and without cysts and other yucky things.  Anyway, this looks way worse than it is, but nobody likes the anticipation of a needle right under the eye to the face on the cheek!