Tuesday, October 20, 2015

American Horror Story - Hotel & Spooky Tales

How many of you are watching AHS-Hotel?  I anticipate this season to at least be as good as Season 1- Murder House and I won't say that it may not match Season 2- Asylum, but I doubt it.  However, it has already exceeded the story lines in Coven and Freak Show, which had me losing a little bit of hope for a bit, as they were slightly lacking in comparison to the first 2 seasons. 

I'm loving the blood suckers, the creepy hotel staff, the village of the damned clan of children, and the sadistic hotel owner, who is pretty reminiscant of H.H. Holmes, minus the medical degree.  Anyway, I hope this season's plot continues to thrive and I continue to enjoy it as much as I have thusfar.  Does the Countess remind anyone of the vampire in The Thirst?  You know, the 80's vampire film?  It feels like a throwback to that film when she comes onscreen with her companion(s). 

Anyway, in the spirit of AHS-Hotel & AHS- Asylum, I'm going to post a hotel creepypasta, as well as an asylum themed creepypasta.