Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekly Reviews - Taking of Deborah Logan & The Babadook

The Babadook is a film that delves deeply into the lives of a widow and her young son, who has some "behavioral problems".  The mommy in this film works in a rest home amongst the elderly and has a bestie, who has a little girl about the same age as her son.  She is friendly with a guy at work, and an old lady who babysits for her when "issues" happen at school with her first grader, who has a bit of an imagination.  Basically, (spoiler), he gets kicked out of school and she has to struggle with ways to get to work and get child-care for her little guy, but even her bestie can't deal with him.

Mom reads her boy a story nightly before he goes to bed, The Babadook, being one of them.  Her elderly neighbor seems to be her only salvation, but things begin to spiral out of control when an entity begins to stalk the family and affect both of their lives, not to mention the isolation that happens when a depressed single mom with a dead husband, and her hard-to-handle kid spend much of their time alone together in a big, dark house.

I don't know about you, but a nice psychological thriller sprinkled with a dash of lonely bump in the night horror gives me a bit of a chill.  This film has lots of twists and turns and is quite open to your own interpretation.  I give it a 3.8 on scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best, because the noises the entity makes are stupid.  

The Babadook is available on Amazon for Apparently, The Babadook Website is taking pre-orders so you can own the book from the movie, Mr. Babadook, which you will understand once you see the movie. Its pretty straight-forward, it is the children's book on which the movie is pretty much based, well, sorta, I guess. Its complicated. Just watch and you will understand. 

The Taking of Deborah Logan follows the lives of Deborah Logan and her daughter, Sarah, who is caring for Deb during her descent into dementia.  Is what ails Sarah's mom the loss of her mind or does it delve a bit deeper? 

Anyway, Deb and her daughter are running out of funds to get the best medical care available to combat Deb's aging nightmare inside her head so they agree to allow a group of students making a documentary film about Alzheimer's and at first Deb is hesitant, but when part of the team tells the family that she is sensitive and can identify with their plight, Deborah does finally agree after an emotional discussion with her only daughter, Sarah.  Deb has a close friend who lives next door and is not entirely down with this whole crew filming Deb's every move and makes that clear.

Strange sleep walking spells that Deb can't remember are filmed and really weird things start to happen surrounding Deborah begin to ensue.  At first these details are ignored and the team as well as her daughter just sort of shrug their shoulders, but it gets spookier and stranger as the film progresses.

The plot thickens slowly and the beginning  of the film moves a bit slowly, but I thought it wrapped together nicely at the end of the film, although I think it could have moved a bit faster and put in some better foreshadowing devices before the big a-ha moment comes.  I did like the very end, though.  That surprised me a tad, but not entirely.

I give The Taking of Deborah Logan a 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best, because I was a bit bored and didn't absolutely love the ending nor did it take me by surprise, but suspense made me enjoy it a bit more throughout.  The Taking of Deborah Logan a decent flick and for $.99 on Amazon, its worth a rental. Even the HD version is $.99.  The DVD is available at Best Buy for $14.99, currently.  I have posted the picture link below.