Sunday, December 14, 2014

Free Horror Movies on Popcornflix

Zombie High (1987) - Andrea (Virginia Madsen) is a teenage girl that has won a scholarship to Ettinger, a formerly all-male boarding school. She leaves behind her boyfriend Barry in the hopes of scholastic achievement, but soon discovers that things are not as they seem at Ettinger. Andrea finds that her friends are slowly changing from regular teenagers into personality-less drones.
The Fergusons (2011) -  A wholesome-looking family in the suburbs hides a dark secret -- their choice of cuisine...
 Tombs of the Blind Dead (1971) -  The Knights Templar (a fictionalized version) return from the dead as blind zombies, because their eyes were pecked out by birds while their bodies rotted on the gallows.
A couple happens upon their old friend on vacation. The man's girlfriend argues with him, jumps off the train and spends the night in the ruins of the abandoned monastery where the Templars are buried. The Templars rise from their tombs and kill her. The rest of the movie follows the efforts of the victim's boyfriend to find out what happened to her. He returns to the monastery with some friends to do battle!
Return of the Evil Dead (Return of the Blind Dead) (1973) -  Opening in a flashback scene to 13th century Portugal, a peasant mob has captured the Templar knights and is about to burn them at the stake for witchcraft and murder. One of the knights swears revenge on the village. The villagers burn the knights eyes out with torches before burning them to death. The film returns to present day as the village prepares for a festival celebrating the 500 year anniversary of the defeat of the Templars. The village idiot, Murdo, watches the preparations until being attacked and stoned by a pack of children. The children are run off by Moncha and Juan, a local couple.