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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Belsnickel & His Wicked Horrible Christmas Whip

Belsnickel, like Krampus and Black Pete(r) is another of Santa's assistants (elves).  Unlike Elf on a Shelf, Belsnickel is entirely covered in fur and has a long demon-like tongue.  He brings children socks (stockings), candy contained within.  Kids who sucked all year get coal or switches for parental beatings instead.

Apparently in "Dutch Pennsylvania", peeps still go Belsnicking.  I don't know how true that is, though.  Feel free to chime in, residents of Sleepy Hollow and crap.  Shut up, I know that's in New York, but its wicked close to Pennsylvania.  Belsnickel became a thing in Medievel Europe in Germany, The Netherlands, and a couple other countries in that region of Europe.  Maybe if Belsnickel, Rupert, and Krampus came, kids would be better behaved in the era :)

Belsnickel comes under the cover of darkness at night.  He is absolutely haneous and sometimes dresses in drag.  He knocks on the window panes like Danny Glick and says, "Its me, Belsnickel, let me in." or ya know, he knocks on the door like normal people.  He, of course, has snacks, but he's got a nice thick switch to beat your kids with if they haven't been on their best behavior, of course.

He throws all the snacks on the floor and kids would be wicked excited and scramble for their treats.  They would get their asses beat while they struggled to get as much candy as possible, yay!  They wouldn't even complain.

If you read my previous post yesterday, (Do it now if you have not.), you'd know about Rupert, his bestie he used to travel with.  If you were particularly bad, Rupert would assist by beating you with a sack of ashes if you were bad.  We all know Krampus was worse and might stuff you in a sack and starve you so, children behave!