Sunday, December 13, 2020

Let's Hold Hands & Watch Hannibal Lecter Movies!

 We'll hold hands virtually from a distance...6 feet, f**kers, 6 feet...wait...if you're in Europe, its 5 feet, right?  So, just to let you guys know, you can watch both Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal for free while you're deep inside the YouTube rabbit hole.  It can get tight in there and you are very likely to get stuck, sigh.  It's hard, so leave the vortex once you're inside.  Hannibal Rising and Red Dragon are is on there as well, but it's not free.  Sorry, peeps.  I try to share, but's just wicked hard.  Manhunter is there, too.  


If you're not familiar with Manhunter, it's the 1986 adaptation of Red Dragon that stars William L. Peterson as Will Graham as opposed to Red Dragon, the 2002 film, starring Edward Norton as Graham.  Additionally, Hannibal is portrayed by Brian Cox in Manhunter.  He's my second favorite Hannibal.  I'd also like to note that Voldemort has really sharp teeth in this film.  They're particularly pointy.  

I just watched the Hannibal series recently that was on Netflix and I wasn't really very into it.  I can appreciate the acting and the modernization, but nope, I can only love one sociopath and that's the Anthony Hopkins version of Hannibal...forever yours, Hopkins version of Hannibal, forever yours.