Tuesday, September 20, 2016

5 Fancy Budget Halloween Costumes

It goes without saying that one can shop at Salvie and Goodwill among other thrift store delights to get Halloween bargains, but let's explore some of the cheapest, most creative, and fanciest budget Halloween costume ideas.

1.  Mrs. Swan - If you've got a short blunt cut and dark hair, you're all set, but if not, consider a cheap wig at any big box or Halloween costume haunt or even on eBay, which hosts a fine selection of authentic hair wigs for sale for under $20 and sometimes for even less.  I wonder if any of them come from cadavers?  You'll never know!  In addition, those fancy Mumu vests that Mrs. Swan wears...Goodwill just got in a whole bunch of them and they're typically between $3-$6.

2.  Carrie & Mrs. White - Carrie and her mom are cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas.  All you need to be Carrie is a tiara and a pink chemise gown or nightgown.  You can get a brand new tiara for as low as $5 and I'm talking one that's not plastic, but one that's made out of metal.  A long, straight strawberry blonde wig is a plug, too.

Mrs. White also requires only a long, white fluffy nightgown and some blood in addition to a horrible curly red ginger wig.  And remember, we can all see your dirty pillows!  Making fake blood on the cheap is easy, which involves red food coloring and no more.  Well, except water...

3.  Poison Ivy - This one is not too difficult to keep under $15 or $20 if you shop at Salvy, Savers, or Goodwill and perhaps the dollar store and maybe even pick up a few inexpensive items at Spirit Halloween or Party City or even Target or Walmart.

Poison Ivy requires tights, a green dress or leotard, but a dress is probably way easier to find and much cheaper.  Goodwill, Savers, and Salvy tend to have tons of dresses left over from summer and prom towards the end of the year.  It's a good idea to check out what you can get.  Poison Ivy also has a cape, but even a large infinity scarf can be used as a half wrap around the shoulders and the idea will come across nicely.  Tights are pretty much a necessity along with some type of ivy crown or wrap.  Simple craft flowers are less than a dollar typically.  Poison Ivy tights can specifically be found at Hot Topic if you want the real thing!

Opera gloves are super easy to find at Halloween for under $5.  Even a corset can be found at thrift shops for under $10 if you look really thoroughly, but a dress or a tutu might be the easiest route.  A masquerade mask can be substituted for those who aren't super crafty with make-up, but if you are crafty and don't mind using spirit gum or eyelash glue, to affix ivy leaves to your eyebrows, you're golden, because all you need to use are pieces of your ivy garland that can be acquired for under $1, especially at thrift shops.  A red wig, of course, is super easy to find!

4.  Rosemary Woodhouse - Rosemary is soooooo easy to pull off!  You only need a blonde, cropped wig, a blue ruffled housecoat (robe), or nightgown, a knife, and if you're feeling fancy, a black cloth with either a baby doll or just a baby mask hanging out to replicate your Antichrist spawn, Adrian, who has his father's eyes!  A nice touch is a round ball filigree necklace, which is intended to hold incense.  You can find them on Amazon in either genuine precious metals or in costume jewelry selections to hold your tannis root.

5.  Nosferatu - Nosferatu is the scariest vampire other than the 30 Days of Night vamps, so it's a good idea to be him if you really want to be scary for Halloween.  You need spooky hands, a long overcoat, and some vamp fangs.  You also need to be bald.  If you wanna do the ears, you can get some elf ears, but I don't believe it's necessary and neither are the contact lenses.  You could always do red eyeliner to make your eyes appear scary.  I do it most years.  Red lipliner is about a buck at any drugstore or the dollar store.  Plum works, too, a deep reddish plum.  The overcoat, hands, and bald head makes the costume, so yeah, easy peasy!

You're welcome!