Monday, August 15, 2016

Wicked Good & Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas

1.  Potion Bottles - Cork bottles and other various types of glass flasks and jars are a wicked cheap and wicked fun prop that you can easily create for Halloween in just minutes.  Simply take your jar, print out a spooky label, and add some food coloring and water to create a potion within your glass container.  You can even use glass containers you'd normally discard from pickles, sauce, and other types of food products.

Consider adding body parts to your containers to create your very own mad science lab.  You can often find beakers and all types of interesting retro glass jars at Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers, and other popular thrift stores in your area for a buck or two.

You can print out free labels by clicking here or you can snag the labels I've provided below.  If you don't like the ones I've chosen, a simple Google image search will suffice unless you are a good graphic artist and want to design them on your own.

You can also purchase them at craft stores, such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnn Fabric.  It's also a good idea to grab them up if you see any of these labels at Goodwill or Salvation Army or other local thrift stores.  The ones shown below can be acquired at JoAnn Fabric for $3.99.  Click here to check them out on

2.  Witchy Cauldron - If you want to enjoy a creepy cauldron, which can be filled with dry ice or can conceal a Halloween fogger's vapor to enhance the Halloween atmosphere while partying or passing out candy, it's a cool idea to skip the campy plastic cauldron most of us have all owned and purchase one you can enjoy year after year.

They can be acquired at Wicca supply stores, Amazon, Ebay, and of course, keep checking the thrift stores!  Check out 13 Moons and to score an authentic witch's cauldron.

Hanging Man Scarecrow - Easily crafted from old clothes and stuffed for free with leaves, old newspaper or other materials you've been planning to discard, you've got all the pieces you need to create a hanging man scarecrow.  All you need is a belt or some rope, and you can hang him outside your door.  This is an easy and fun prop to create and will typically cost you nothing!

Using a mannequin head which can be acquired at thrift stores, is also a sweet idea to add to the authenticity of your hanging scarecrow.  If you have a friend who went to beauty school, I bet they have one!  Yard sales might also yield results!  Foam ones are available on Ebay right now for a buck!  Sally Beauty sells more details ones.

Creepy Candelabras -  It's so easy to score authentically scary vintage candelabras at thrift stores.  The best part about these candelabras is that they may be weathered if you so desire that look.  Candles, of course, are super cheap.  Dollar store city!!!