Thursday, August 11, 2016

10 Things to Tide You Over Until Halloween

1.  Follow Halloween Count on Twitter! -   Click here!

Host a Halloween costume swap.  Bring your former Halloween costumes to a meetup with friends, neighbors, and family and switch costumes, parts of costumes, and creepy Halloween stuff.  You never know what a friend has or that you have that someone else may need to make their Samhain complete!

2.  Host a Halloween Costume Swap - On National Costume Swap day, your friends, neighbors, and family may be interested in gathering to save money and resources, as well as to begin kicking off the season by swapping costume ideas.

3.  Start looking at Goodwill and the Salvation Army! - Not only are you buying products that give back to the community, but you can find spooky material, crafts, decorations, and all kinds of Halloween goods you probably can't find anywhere else to get a jump on the season.  You'll save money and have wicked unique stuff to help celebrate the season.  It gets us celebrating way early.

There are cool candles, candelabras...even magic equipment for those of you celebrating Samhain out there.  You can get a heck of an altar going on with stuff you can buy from the store on a budget.  I've even seen new decks of Tarot cards there!  Let's not forget costumes!  You get best dibs on wedding dresses and formal gowns early on in the season before it's all picked over.

Be sure to follow your local Goodwill on Facebook for sale updates.  Some locations offer exclusive sales, such as $1 days, half off sales, and more.  You can really clean up well on these days, especially when you're looking for inspirational costume ideas.  It's also a good idea to score a discount card at Goodwill to make the most out of your Halloween season!

4.  Get ready to sponsor Operation Gratitude. - Start collecting fresh, extra candy to send to our troops who are far from home!  Operation Gratuitude is a non-profit organization that sends care packages to United States troops overseas. Switch Witch and Operation Gratitude will be partnering with Halloween Buy Back to gather extra Halloween candy to send to American troops stationed overseas.

For more details click here.

5.  Listen to your favorite genre of Halloween music all year long! - hosts Halloween-themed music all year long, so if the mood strikes click here!

Also, prepare to scare if and when you pass out candy or if you're hosting a holiday bash with free Halloween spooky sound effects.   Click here to check them out.  They're free!

6.  Plan on celebrating Free Halloween Comic Book Day!  - You can check out details for this killer way to celebrate autumn's favorite holiday by clicking here!  It's got locations listed and all that jazz!

7. Plan on where you can get free Halloween goodies on October 31.  - You can usually hit KrispyKreme On October 31st, wearing a costume to get a free doughnut, which is likely Halloween-themed, such as their Ghostbusters doughnuts.  In addition, IHOP usually has something going on for Halloween for kids 12 and under.  Check for times and locations to see if they've got anything going on this year.  Bookmark a  list or write it down, Horror and Halloween fans!  You can download the KrispyKreme app here to stay up-to-date.

8.  Do some coloring with the kids or for the young at heart.  - NickJr. has Paw Patrol Halloween printables for members of the Halloween Fan club.  It's free!  Click here to print them!

9.  Check out some Halloween and horror-themed recorded theater and stories! - Creepypasta, Spooky stories, audio-books, and other free recorded entertainment available online is a cool past-time to get you into the Halloween spirit!  Some are linked below.

10.  Create Harry Potter Floating Candles! - Check out this YouTube tutorial.  All you need to make these are essentially clear wire, fishing line, or clear thread, battery operated candles, and possible clear hooks.  Check out the tutorial.  It's super inexpensive, easy, and most importantly wicked fun!