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Monday, January 4, 2016

Horrible Affliction Horror Films!

Asylum (2008) - Asylum is a horror film featuring a young college student and her battles against a mad doctor's spirit.

Carrier - (2011) - Just after Thomas drops off a mysterious package, he begins to suffer an illness that transforms him into a compulsive killer.  Worst of all is that his disease is contagious.

Ashes (Osiris) (2010) - Ashes follows the career of a dedicated and bright doctor, who works towards developing a cure for AIDS, who unwittingly develops a new and aggressive bacteria that not only causes deterioration in the body but causes mental rage.  He must then end the infection before it decimates everyone he cares for.

Natural Rejection (2013) - is a Suspense/Thriller/Drama about a supposed "cure" (Quinton Cure) for homosexuality that backfires and ends up killing off most of the female population. The main character (Vi) is one of the last surviving women, in the world and with an overwhelmingly male population left on the planet, this causes anarchy and chaos.

Watch Hemo (2011) - Felicia and Calvin are vampires living in post-Gatsby Long Island. When the blood bank beefs up security, they must resort to murder to get their fix. Their lifestyle soon turns poisonous and the addicts have to face the monsters they have become.