Saturday, December 5, 2015

Watch Paranormal TV Shows Online Without Subscribing - Free!

Dead Crossroads - Two paranormal thrill seekers explore the most notorious haunts in France and share what they find with their audience.

Phenom - Stare into the dark heart's abyss to encounter mystical creatures from the past and future in this titillating sci-fi/paranormal activity anthology series.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - This series is chock filled with short horror stories filled with suspense and dark humor.  Free Hulu members, who can sign up for an account free of charge can view 140 episodes of this classic series!

Supernatural - This series, if you haven't heard of it involves two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who lost their mom 22 years ago to a dark supernatural force.  Subsequently, their dad brought them up to fight and kill the dark paranormal forces that live in the recesses of communities across America.

Extreme Ghost Stories - This series explores whether ghosts truly exist through real life events that have occurred in the homes, businesses, and other locations to real people like you.

American Gothic - Strange things are afoot in a small town in South Carolina.  It's weird and lots of sci-fi worthy and paranormal stuff happens in this series.  Yeah....