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Friday, December 4, 2015

Catch Free Horror & Sci-Fi TV Shows Online!

I  have recently been updating my free movie and horror tv list.  I also want to note if you are using Hulu to watch any of these shows, you can bypass the free trial screen without signing up for the free trial by signing into your free Hulu account, clicking on your queue, and then you'll be able to search for shows or simply click on the links below and you'll be brought directly to the show page without the irritation of the sign-up screen for Hulu Plus.

The Fright Channel at Horror Haven streams live retro horror TV shows 24/7.  Click here to stream live for free if your an avid fan of retro horror shows!

Speaking of classic horror, along with modern classics, you can stream 5 seasons for a total of 156 free episodes of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone by clicking here!

To enjoy some sci-fi retro comedy, check out Mystery Science Theater 3,000 by clicking here!  A total of 10 seasons are available for free viewing!

Scream Queens can be viewed online for free by clicking here.

A modern-day series based on Washington Irving's Sleepy Hollow, which I am again reading, currently, can be viewed for free online by clicking here.  The show is based upon the idea that Ichabod Crane has catapulted into the future into a world that is on the eve of destruction.  He joins forces with a modern cop to solve a mystery that dates back to Crane's native era.

Paranormal Egypt is a new show that features an award winning historian, Tessa Dunlop takes viewers to some of Egypt's oldest, most sacred, and most mysterious locations.  She is accompanied by a renowned medium, Derek Acorah to clarify some of Egypt's strangest mysteries through both historical research and paranormal investigation.  Click  here to watch Paranormal Egypt for free!

Oh boy, Bob Larson, sigh.  If you are into the paranormal and demon possession creeps you out, you probably know who Bob Larson is, and if you don't know him by name, you've probably seen him in "A Haunting" and other paranormal TV shows.  I think he's full of crap, but I look forward to being entertained with his theatrics.  You might think he's for real, but either way, the Real Exorcist is bound to be a joy.  Its an hour long, too. Many swear by Bob, though, and believe he's exorcised their demons.  You can watch Bob in action and determine if he's indeed a real exorcist here.

I'm quite entertained by Shatner hosting Weird or What, where he recounts experiences by those who have experienced strange phenomena and who have encountered mysterious events.  This sci-fi series allows you to explore and examine these situations for yourself along with William Shatner.  Check it out by clicking here!