Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 Horror & Suspense TV - Watch Online Free!

The Lizzy Borden Chronicles - This Lifetime TV Special has its initial episodes posted to watch through Hulu, for free, not Hulu Plus.  So, I have just watched the first three episodes, starring Christina Ricci as Lizzy Borden and Clea DuVall as Emma Borden. 

This show began on April 5, 2015, and depicts life subsequent to the murder of Lizzy and Emma Borden's father and stepmother, Andrew and Abby Borden.  This murder, of course, occurred in Fall River, Massachusetts, and Lizzy Borden was accused of executing both her dad and step mom in 1892 with an axe.  I'm sure you've heard the rhyme, and obviously the story.

You can check out the first three episodes on Hulu by clicking here.

iZombie - iZombie is a loose adaptation of the iZombie comic book series published by DC Comics.  The subject of the series is Liv Moore, a former medical student who was infected and turned kinto a zombie at a party, and must, of course subsist on a diet of human brains.  She subsequently began employment at the Seattle PD morgue to satisfy her hunger for brains and to additionally aid the police department solve crimes as a psychic consultant since when she eats brains she can read the minds she ingests. 

The series premiered on March 17, 2015 on the CW, and will consist of thirteen episodes. You can watch episode one through four on free Hulu, and the rest on Hulu Plus if you have it or plan to subscribe to it.

Click here to check out the first four episodes.