Thursday, March 5, 2015

5 Fictional Cinematic Plagues

1.  The Fever (Cabin Fever - 2002) - Necrotizing fasciitis ("The Fever") causes mass hemorrhaging and tissue death (necrosis).  The first sign of infection with the deadly disease is a sore rash, which develops into scabby, seeping sores.  In later stages, your skin begins to fall away.  The disease is passed to another person when an afflicted victim's infected blood is exposed to another person's bloodstream such as skin to skin contact with "plagued" blood.  It can also be contracted through unprotected sex acts and by imbibing water contaminated with "The Fever Germs".  Animals can get it, too, well, at least dogs, anyway.

2.  Mad Zombie Disease (Zombieland - 2009) - When bitten by an infected host, this disease causes its victim to become a zombie.  The disease is a mutation of Mad Cow Disease, which became Mad Human Disease, and then mutated to form itself.

3.  Synaptic Seepage (Johnny Mnemonic - 1995) - Caused by downloading too much information to the brain, this affliction causes cerebral hemorrhage and data corruption. It kills in about three days, and causes seizures.

4.  Pinkeye - (South Park - Season 1, #7, Oct. 19, 1997 - Halloween Episode) - An infection caused by embalming fluid and Worcestershire sauce together, resulting in zombie infection.  Its first carrier is Kenny. To be cured, of course, Kenny's gotta go in the way of the vampire.  It results in pale greenish zombie-like skin and causes a sufferer to crave human meat and exhibit a few other zombie-like behaviors.

 5.  GRS (Outer Limits - Unnatural Selection - Season 2, Episode #3 & Outer Limits - Criminal Nature - Season 4, Episode #1) -  GRS results from a pre-natal injection that strives to perfect children to be beautiful and intelligent, but there is a dark side to this procedure and its outlawed, but parents continue to have the injections done.  The negative result, which occurs occasionally due to this process is "Genetic Rejection Syndrome (GRS) and the person who was engineered genetically during their time in utero, slowly undergoes the process of turning into a monstrous creature that can become, violent, irrational, and eventually kills!