Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sick & Twisted Films for Valentine's Day!

Hard Candy

Ellen Page is the best teenage villain in a horror/suspense film I can think of to date. I should have added her to the list of evil children when I last blogged about it, but alas, I wasn't thinking of teens, just little kids.

Hard Candy, if you haven't seen it is a film about a kid who fights back against a suspected creepy internet tween/teen stalker, Patrick Wilson, who is portrayed by Patrick Wilson, who was of course the actor who portrayed Ed Warren in The Conjuring.  The hunter becomes the hunted :) So, if you haven't seen it, I have to give this chick props.

You can watch Hard Candy for just under $3 on Google Play or Amazon.  Its also available on Netflix so even if you don't have a membership to Netflix, its probably worth joining for the month instead of dropping $2.99 on just a single movie.

Rotten Tomatoes only gave it a 68%, but I never really listen to them, because they are wrong all the time!  However, they also have a more extensive list at the bottom of the linked page as to where to rent or own it online.  Metacritic users gave it an 85% as opposed to the score the site itself gave it of 58%, lame!  However, Metacritic does offer an HD trailer of the controversial film here.

Beyond Darkness (1979) - Joe D'Amato, noted for his many Euro-p*rn epics, managed to exploit more perverse theme material than usual in this necrophiliac love story about a crazed young taxidermist so unable to deal with the untimely death of his beloved fiancee that he digs her up and preserves her corpse to remain with him always.  Humm, this is reminiscent of Dr. Karl Von Kossel, which I have blogged about before.  (He has a "death" doll made out of his lost love, who died of TB.) 

He stuffs his baby; however, she is no longer sexually pleasing so he tries to find a way to find a new bride along with the help of his creepy housekeeper.  He kills any of the gals who don't meet his requirements.  He then cuts them up in his own personal home autopsy center.  You can watch the full length film below in this post. Alternatively, you can view this sick and twisted film on Blockbuster and Netflix.  Boom chicka wow wow?  MMMMM, sex and violence, violence and sex!!! 

Winter Lily was a pretty creepy flick and set in a remote bed and breakfast in the middle of winter, that adds to the ambiance of the creepy tone.  Imagine being snowbound in a creepy bed and breakfast where some weirdo guy is skinning his own rabbits for dinner and you are stuck.

So, if you are settling down for a long winter's nap or going to bed for the night and the snow is stacked high outside your window or even if its not, this is a good flick to fall asleep to, because its not blood and gore and things popping out at you, its more a slow progression of disturbing facts that compile to make the story.

I can't really tell you much more, because I will give away the plot, but the main character in the movie is a photographer who has come to capture a beautiful New England winter with his camera if I remember correctly.  It seems like its set in New England.

The bed and breakfast is mainly run by a woman who has a sickly daughter who spends her time in her bedroom resting, Lily.  The photographer is the only border, because nobody comes to visit the bed and breakfast in the snow-blinding conditions in which he finds when he arrives.


I watched it on Netflix when I saw it.  I would share a trailer, but I can't find one, weird!  Trust me on this one, if you have Netflix, its creepy!  Its also free on Amazon Prime and $1.99 for those who don't have Amazon Prime.