Monday, February 9, 2015

Strange & Unusual Medical Curiosities

We will address what's grosser than gross here as well as some other cool stuff along the way!

Diphallia - As the name of this condition presents, it occurs when a man is born with two units, two twigs, two berries. Now, this is cool, because you have two. If one gets tired, you can just pick up where the other one left off. However, I am unsure if both work at one time or if they function independently since you only have two nuggets like you do when you only have a single peen. So, ladies if you meet this unique guy with two, he's one in five million. It even says so on Wikipedia. Its like having a parasitic twin that's not really bothering you.  Its your brother that never was, well, at least a small part of him.

That leads us to a condition known as Vagina Dentata. As the name suggests, its a vagina that has teeth inside it. If you have diphallia and you meet a woman with Vagina Dentata, then the first encounter shouldn't be a problem. You have relieved yourself of your medical anomalie, though it may hurt quite a bit.  We are not sure that it really exsists, but it was the basis of the film, "Teeth", of course.  A device has been created in Africa to make a gal's ladypart have little plastic teeth to advert unwanted entry. Ouch, looks very unpleasant!  That thing is hungry!

Now, diphallics, have I found the girl for you!!!  Often these women are unaware, but you can have two uteri, cervixes, and two vaginas.  Apparently, there is a woman in the UK who has two lady caves and is offering $1 M for any takers so she can loser her girlhood on film, interesting.  Usually the poons are one inside the other and ladies don't even notice the difference until they visit a veejay doctor.  This condition is known as Uterus didelphys. You could totally marry a virgin and have tons of fornication before you do so!  Wow, lucky girl!  Now, to all you guys who just popped one, I ruin it for you on the next line!  Hot, huh!

Now, while having a hematoma sucks--its only filled with blood (boring!), a teratoma is cool when you get to see what's inside.  Might I like one inside or on my body, probably not, but if you do have a chance to see what's inside this sack of fun, I'm sure you will enjoy its contents or throw up all over the floor, either way, great fun.  Its a bag filled with wonder, sometimes hair, skin tissue, teeth, eyelashes, awesome! You get to cut it open and see what's inside kinda like one of those Wonderball Candies!

Sebacious Cyst - If you are the popper and not the "poppee" of a sebacious cyst, you are the lucky one, because having a bump filled with sebum and puss sucks, but its like a big zit on a string, which you have to remove or it will come back, score.  Righteous, man!!!