Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Retro Horror Movies Wednesday

Its Wednesday.  By this point in the week, you may be bored, you may be indifferent.  Here is the cure!  I am going to post some retro gems you can watch in the embedded players below as well as links to where you can watch more retro gems for your wicked super awesome enjoyment, I guess?

I hope that was uplifting seeing as I feel like a succubus came into my bedroom last night and sucked out all my energy.  I still feel the joy of all of you reading this, you are fecking overjoyed, I know you are.  Yay!

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I dreamed of animals eating each other and the the night before being naked in an egg-shaped pool in church with a glass roof and people meditating. I then realized, I was not supposed to be naked, but was supposed to wear a bathing suit in the pool and used my cell phone to call my besties to obtain a towel. I scored a brown one, but the dream was more about a quest for the brown towel and walking through a church naked, but it was a weird culty, creepy new age church. I walked through with my arm across my cans and a hand covering my vajay, which was not vajazzled in this dream, but it probably should have been! There is clearly something very wrong with me and should stop listening to Youtube relaxation meditations to go to bed and should just take Tylenol PM or something!

If anybody has any idea WTF any of this crap means, please, by all means, Facebook me or Tweet me or comment or something for the love of God!

I can assure you, Night 2 looked nothing at all like this!