Friday, February 6, 2015

Five Rural Small Town Horror Movies

I am going to try to list films you can watch for free online as per usual, but I am going to list ten unique films that are set in the woods that you may have never heard of or seen.  I hope you enjoy them!

Weenie Roast Massacre (2007) - A former high school football star starts to notice strange things at the annual weenie roast. As the line between reality and illusion blurs, the only thing you can count on is the body count.

Watch it in the player below for free here at Wicked Horrors.


Don't Go in The Woods...Alone (1981) - "Four young campers, Craig, Peter, Ingrid and Joanie, back-pack through the mountains for a relaxing weekend in the wilderness. They are out camping in broad daylight, while someone else is killing tourists in the woods. Craig warns the others not to go into the woods alone.

The hillsides are crawling with fat women huffing up hillsides, nerdy bird-watchers, and young couples. Most of whom meet gruesome ends at the hands of a deranged and growling back-woodsman with a sharp spike - who announces his presence by shaking the nearest branch and whooping.

The "happy" campers don't see a man and his wife being chucked off a cliff whilst they splash about in the river below. They enter a forest which becomes denser and darker as they progress. Peter and Ingrid fear that they are lost. Something large suddenly comes lunging forward with a gleaming machete. Craig slips dead to the ground as the machete cuts him up.

Peter and the others flee screaming into the forest. The rest of the day and terrifying night is spent running and hiding from the maniac murderer who is constantly in pursuit. Meanwhile the local sheriff and his deputy decide they should start to investigate some of those disappearances." - Written bySujit R. Varma @

Scream Bloody Murder - Well, this is on a farm, but more specifically on a rural farm...A disturbed boy kills his father with his farm tractor and his arm is mangled in the process. He’s taken to a mental hospital where he’s outfitted with a hook to replace his lost hand and, years later, he’s eventually released from the asylum. He returns home to find his mother has remarried, which sets him off on a murderous rampage.

The Woods - Heather is rebellious and constantly getting into trouble. One day she starts a forest fire that could have easily resulted in tragedy. Heather's parents, Alice and Joe, are fed up and have no idea what to do with her. They decide to send her to a boarding school. The boarding school is called Falburn Academy, and it is located in the middle of some woods.

Joe is in dire financial straits, and the boarding school is mainly for children of wealthy parents. However, he begs the dean, Ms. Traverse, to accept Heather, and she agrees. While at the school, Heather meets Marcy Turner. Marcy is a weird girl, and she has trouble fitting in at the school, but she and Heather form a bond. Samantha Wise is another girl at the school, and she bullies Heather and Marcy constantly.  However, the school has mysterious aspects to it that affect Heather. Every night, she has nightmares. Soon she begins to hear voices that come from the woods.

I loved The Woods.  Its reminiscent of Satan's School for Girls.  Its at a remote girl's school and its god that same odd overtone and a weird headmaster, but its a headmistress in this case.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981) - In a small town, a wrongfully murdered, developmentally disabled man exacts revenge on those who killed him beyond the grave.
You can watch the full movie in the embedded player below.