Monday, December 29, 2014

Weird & Creepy Travel Destinations

I was thinking on the subject of traveling to the world's creepiest destinations and other odd delights, but anyone who knows me knows this is a subject I often embark on in my mind since I haven't the means or lifestyle to be able to comfortably or do so even at all, really, so yeah...

1.  The Bone Church (Kutná Hora, Czech Republic) - The Kostince, as it is called in the Czech Republic is the weirdest collection of human bones I've ever encountered.  This expansive European church with a colossal treasure trove of  chalices, candelabras, bone altars, human skulls, and other macabre artifacts reminds us of our own mortality and better yet, its open every day, year-round.  I'll marry your ass if you take me there! 

2.  The Mutter Museum (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - America's super cool museum, displaying medical artifacts (often strange, unusual, and freakish artifacts) is located in the American Northeast.  It offers its guests fine collections of wet specimens (internal organs, brains, and entire freakish humans), skeleton and skull collections, creepy medical models and instruments, and other weird, dry specimens of human freakish delights.  This is a cheap day's entertainment costs just $15 for a general adult admission, 10 for kids and students, and $13 for seniors.  Little tots under 5 get in for free!  Note -- a bit reminiscent of American Horror Story Freakshow's museum on the show. 

3.  Vent Haven Museum (Fort Mitchell, Kentucky) -  Vent Haven Museum is a ventriloquist dummy museum 5 miles north of Cincinnati, Ohio.  This creepy wonder holds the largest and only collection word-wide in a museum of ventriloquist dummies and memorabilia.  Best of all is that its cheap to tour.  Its $10 for general adult admission and $5 for kids under 12, seniors, and groups of 10 more larger.

4.  Glore Psychiatric Museum (St. Joseph, Missouri) - Located beside the state mental hospital, this museum offers a chilling window into past psychiatric care throughout the ages.  You can view items used in psychiatric care in the past such as rectal dilators, ice water therapy baths, and the lunatic box.  The lunatic box was essentially an upright coffin where patients were sent to calm down if they were not within the control of "medical professionals".  Admission for adults is $6, very cheap.  Seniors pay $5.  Students admission is $4.  Kids under 6 get in free.

5.  Lake Shawnee Amusement Park (Princeton, West Virginia) - An abandoned music park built on a former Native Reservation's burial ground, one can visit this historical site abandoned since 1966 by calling (304) 921-1580.  Its private property, so please, call and ask!  Several tragic incidents happened on this site after an amusement park was built on it in the early 1920's.  Its supposed to be very haunted and have a very creepy and weird feel to it.