Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Indigo Children & The Supernatural

Indigo children, in new age circles and among those who are interested in the occult, are kids that have unexplained and perceived supernatural powers or abilities.  These children are different than other people and sometimes diagnosed with psychiatric disorders as they are different emotionally and socially than other children.  These kids appear to be more empathic than most people and exhibit strong emotions in relation to people and outside stimuli.  Indigo refers to the color of their aura.  Those who study auras, which you can think of as a halo surrounding the entire body and emanating the thoughts and feelings surrounding that person, you will grasp the concept of what an aura is supposed to be.

There are several explanations in the new age community outlining why indigo children appear to be different or special as opposed to other kids ranging from evolution and changes in DNA and being advanced beings of superior genetic code to the notion that children may be of both human and extraterrestrial origin.  Children with mixed human and extraterrestrial genes are commonly referred to as star children.  

The notion exists that angels are actually aliens as ancient carvings throughout the world depict them as star people that come and give ideas and revelations to the human race and appear to lead to developments  in human technology and intelligence that it seems impossible for people to have had at that time in history.  These ideas extend to thoughts on pyramid building and abstract thought among humans.

This phenomenon seems to have increased in the 1990's with the growing diagnoses of Asperger's Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, and other psychiatric disorder diagnoses that seem to have been growing since this era.  Its said that these children are categorized as having mental health and learning problems as they learn and experience emotions and socialization in a different way.  Is this evolutionary, due to environmental pollution, or are these children indeed gifted beings with superhuman alien DNA?