Friday, February 26, 2016

5 Sinister Babies on Film - Watch Free Here!

Grace (2009) - Madeline and her husband, Michael, who are expecting a child, are involved in a car accident, which kills Michael.  She soon discovers that the child she is expecting has died in utero.  The traumatized mother refuses to abort the dead fetus from her body despite the warnings of medical professionals.  Being a dead fetus is not all that's wrong with the baby, though. 

First Born (2006) - Laura delivers her new infant via C-section. She appears to be under some stress after the birth of her child, which is generally considered to be the difficulties involved with becoming a new mother with a husband who has little time for her. She begins seeing strange things and becoming distrustful, especially of her strange nanny.

Jug Face (2013) - This one isn't necessarily about an "evil child", but the child was borne from incest between a brother and sister in a very Christian, very conservative, deep country community, which regularly sacrifices members of it's body to a sinister creature, who resides in a deep pit on the outskirts of the community.  Shut your pie-hole.  This is my blog and I can deviate when I feel like it!

You can watch Jug Face for free on or by using's app for phones, mobile devices, or Roku in addition to watching flix on your computer or smart TV from their site.  

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Dunwich Horror (1970) - Wilbur Whateley visits Miskatonic University to borrow the Necronomicon, which his grandfather began to educate him on at a young age.  Also, Whateley, who was born of a simple, developmentally disabled, albino girl, may not be totally human.  His birth sheds light on some interesting circumstances.

You can watch the full film for free by clicking here.

I've set Sinister Babies on Film to auto-post, so thought this is going to post, I may not actually be online when it does, brothers and sisters, cats and kitty cats, ladies and gents and other stuff in between and stuff. You smell, but I still love you. Have a fabulous Friday and if you get bored and are hankering for some horror satisfaction, you can watch all 5 of these sinister infant flix online from your computer, laptop, or mobile :)

The Suckling (1990) - A naive teenage couple end up in a brothel in New York seeking advice about their unplanned pregnancy.  A horrible set of circumstances begin when a toxic waste barrel gives life to a mutant beast who hunts the brothel and begins it's slaughter as Mommy's little mutant monster!

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