Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Best Free Horror Movie Apps

Frightpix & Popcornflix - Popcornflix supports as it's horror only version of  their free movie viewing website.

You can download the Popcornflix/Frightpix app below by clicking the appropriate link for your device.  You can then watch hundreds movies legally from your internet-connected device for free!

Popcornflix for Apple iPhone & iPod Touch

Popcornflix for Android Phones

Popcornflix for Android Tablets

Popcornflix for Amazon Kindle

Popcornflix for XBox & XBox 360

OV Guide - OV Guide is a directory of both free and paid movies and has one of the best sorting options to filter through which types of movies you want to watch.  You can use free and horror movies as a parameter to have access to hundreds of horror movies you can watch online from your device for free.  If the movie is not free, of course, you can opt to rent it from the website OV Guide refers you to.

By clicking the appropriate link below to suit your mobile device, you can download this free app to give yourself access to a free horror movie marathon anywhere!  Sci-fi and other genres are also readily available there at your fingertips!

Crackle - Crackle is another app that allows you to watch free horror and sci-fi movies in addition to comedy among other selections.  However, Crackle also lists horror and sci-fi TV shows amid other types of TV shows you can watch totally for free with your app.  This website has a somewhat limited selection in comparison to the others listed here.  However, it's super easy to navigate and tends to have newer and better selections, as Crackle is operated by Sony.

Snag Films - Snag Films has a wide variety of horror films from the popular to obscure in virtually every era of film.  Not only do they host horror films for free viewing, but other genres are available, too!  You can watch their movies for free online and when you download their mobile app for your mobile device!

Film On - You can watch a wide selection of live horror TV shows and movies on worldwide channels amongst other interesting channels.  You can even set up your own channel so you can stream your own broadcast live.  It's free to watch SD movies and TV on this site, but you have the option to pay for HD TV and films.  Your free account also gives you access to social networking within the website's framework.  Unfortunately, it's only currently available for use with Android Devices.

Daily Motion for Smart TVs App - Watch free classic horror TV and movies via Daily Motion for free.  Click here to download it for your smart TV!!!