Saturday, June 6, 2015

Symphony of Death - Part 1

I do so enjoy a good trilogy from time to time.  Beginning where Robert Diablo leaves off, and weaving an integrated tale around the hellish fiends that operate behind the scenes in the symphony that is death, William Pattison is at it again.  Because I'm not much of a reader, Mr. Pattison personally read me many of his stories and tales of woe as I drifted off into a dreamless sleep many a nights, as I do so enjoy a good bedtime story every so often (Ok, most nights).  However, this isn't what Daddy used to read to me as a little girl.  There were no vampires, werewolves, or mummies like the Hammer Horror Daddy and I used to watch.  

The Symphony of Death - Part 1 leaves me waiting for more on the very edge of my toilet seat.  I do so love to read on the toilet when I do engage in a good suspense novel.  The wanky sh*t demon advised me to do more reading, so I did.  I will anxiously await the release of the next installment of this hellish narrative that immerses me in a world of the supernatural among the evils of contemporary man.  It behooves you to check this triology out, because your very immortal soul may just depend on it.  

You can check out the book's page here...clickity click!!! 

Symphony of Death, from the author of the Camp Crystal Lake Novels...William Pattison 

Symphony of Death is the new anthology by William Pattison. This anthology will be published in six serial edition e-books. Upon the completion of the publishing of all 6 parts, the complete Symphony of Death will be released as a single print and e-book edition.

Mr. Bill is my most favoritest bedtime story reader.  I don't even have out of body experiences and demon on my back after he's read to me.  It's not often that a 36 year old woman gets a quality bedtime story read to her via Skype.  This is a soothing and enjoyable experience whilst wrapped in a pink fuzzy cat blanket with glowing green eyes.  Anyone who says this is not an optimal experience is a liar!!!  Bill is the bomb diggity.  Have a good weekend, children of the night.