Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Disgusting Sebaceous Cyst Drains!

I threw in some nice photo stills for good measure.  Check this one out, looks like Helena Bonham Carter's face in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein!  Let's look on the bright side.  We can grow hair on our heads so this won't be so visible someday.

Ewww, look at all that black keratin and necrotic tissue and crap!

Oh, this is is nice and green. Yuck!

 Watching this come out makes me sick and I can imagine how it smells, but I cannot look away!

I didn't think this would be a good one at first, but oh, hang in there, it gets waaaaaay killer!

Thanks for this beautiful gift, Dr. Bhagwat!
He might not be Dr. Yadav, 
but the black keratin shiat and creamy sickness that flows from this wound make me not care!
Oh and also, DIABEETUS!

More later?  Do I have any requests to look for anything gross you would like to see?  
You can always let me know by giving me feedback on 
about what you would like to see to satiate your shock and excitement glands!