Saturday, December 10, 2016

10 Wicked Killer Holiday Gifts for Horror Fans!

1.  The Edgar Alan Poe doll complete with a raven pearched on his shoulder is an excellent gift for any fan of horror, horror stories, or even literature.  Edgar Alan is both cute and decorative, and I love him!  Hint, hint....Have you been shopping yet?  I'll see you near Christmas.  Let's get together!

2.  The Pinhead voodoo doll is both cute and functional.  He's soft and filled with pins.  You can sleep with him on your pillow provided you mind the nails in his tiny, knitted little head.  I also love him!

 3.  For the ultimate H.P. Lovecraft fan, who also adores family game night, Cthulu Yahtzee is the ideal choice.  Yahtzee!  I miss playing Yahtzee with my mom as a girl.  Of course, I'd have enjoyed playing much more if Cthulu was included.  I've been a fan since fifth grade!

 4.  The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Box Set will titillate the child in any modern horror fan.  It also provides a cool looking copy of their very own Alvin Schwartz classic they once enjoyed as a child.  I still enjoy it as an adult.  Hey, here's another idea.  Buy me this!  It would look nice on my bookshelf alongside Edgar and Pinhead.

 5.  This sexy, cute, and terrifying Christmas/Chanukah, Yule, Kwanzaa zombie sweatshirt satisfies the cravings for style and creepiness in your #1 horror fan gal.  Am I your #1?

 6.  For those who deserve an expensive antique and has serious problems, the antique Victorian apothecary is a sound choice.  I bet this will help your loved one maintain their extensive taxidermy collection alongside spell casting!  It's beautiful, old, and practical.

 7.  How sweet is it to provide your gal with a Sally-inspired scent, Rag Doll.  It's got cute packaging to match her dark decor, too!  Let me tell get some when you buy her this fantasitically spooky holiday gift.  It's black, too!

8.  Do you have a friend or loved one, who is unhealthily obsessed with ancient medicine?  I know someone like that.  She's the prettiest and smartest girl in the world!  You may know her, too.  Tell her so!  Anyway, this leach pot urn thingee would make a fantastic tea or cookie jar in my kitchen, I mean in her kitchen.

 9.  For the big spender, who is really into weird sex furniture....this is the ultimate sexy toy.  You can sleep on it and entertain guests on it, too!  Fancy!

10.   Hypodermic Sally is something we all should own.  If you're a fan of AHS: Hotel...this is an essential.  Who doesn't want to own a big-headed former vampire punk chick of the 90's, who then died and became a ghost?  I do.  I do!!!