Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Best Creepypasta & Creepy Radio Theater

If I left anybody out, I apologize!  Everyone who knows me is aware that I pretty much game and listen to horror radio theater along with a few Creepypastas and weird stories thrown in for good measure most days to unwind and chillax.  Those activities are in addition to sleeping, my favorite pasttime and watching pimple popping videos.  Oh and work, work's my favorite.

Here is a rundown of some of the networks, shows, and channels I enjoy most.

If you have similar taste, you may also enjoy some of these featured creepy delights!

Be. Busta - This Aussie spooky story narrator uses YouTube to convey stories from his own personal experience, experiences of listeners and fans, and sometimes reads Creepypastas.

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights - Radio Horror Theater via YouTube and via their website Chillingtalesfordarknights.com.  They have a members' section that can be accessed for a small membership fee.  They also have a story submission area.  They just completed the "Evil Idol" Competition by which they recruited new readers and storytellers along with writers to contribute to the site.

Creeparoni - Lady Creepypasta Youtuber.

Creeps McPasta
- Why, Youtuber of Creepypastas, of course!

Real Ghost Stories Online - Paranormal radio show that features stories assumed to be true submitted by callers and writers to the show's hosts.  This show also offers membership to their website Realghoststoriesonline.com, which permits earlier access to new stories submitted by real members, listeners, and supporters of the show.  

Lazy Masquerade - He was my first...introduction to Creepypasta and spooky story channels on YouTube, that is.  He mostly recounts spooky stories submitted by fans and listeners.  How I love the voice of an Englishman telling me scary stories!

Mr. Creepypasta - He's an American Creepypasta YouTuber.  Most of my favorites are English, because for some reason English accents lull me into a comfy sense of coziness.  His channel has a very radio theater feel, though.

That Creepy Reading - This channel features spooky stories and true tales submitted by fans of the channel for the most part with a few scary story readings thrown in for good measure.

Welcome to Nightvale - Exetential science fiction peppered with a little horror and mystery.  I love this show!