Saturday, October 15, 2016

Make a Halloween Diorama

When I was little, my brother and I, who I always referred to as Sibling 2 (and I, sibling 1), used to enjoy building "towns" with Fisher Price, Lincoln Logs, and Lego parts.  We used to use G.I. Joe dolls and other "guys" to be residents of the town.  With this in mind, Halloween is right around the corner.  It'd be fancy as fawk to create a mini Halloweentown diorama to help you Goth as fawk fawkers celebrate the Samhain Season.

Here are some container ideas.  Depending on what size you want to make your "town", fishtanks, display cases, and glass jars are great ideas to contain your diorama.  You may even have some of these kicking around your house that are unused or someone you know might.  If you don't have access to these items, they can easily be found for uber cheap at a second-hand store, or even Walmart or the slightly higher priced dollar stores.

You then will have to decide whether you want to mix figurine and model types to introduce into your town or if you want to house a specific type of town pieces by a specific artist, in a specific genre, and other considerations.  I would opt to create diversity in my mini city with mixed types of figurines and model characters.  I'd use pieces similar to "Christmas" city decorations, but with a Halloween theme.  These exist both online and in retail stores and especially at second-hand stores. Wherever you see a cool piece, if you can fit it into your budget and it's worth it to you, by all means, holmes, pick it up and add it!

Anyway, above is just an example of some cool shyte to use for your fancy schmancy Halloweentown diorama.  Happy Halloween, fawkers!  <3 p="">